Friday, December 28, 2007


This, is my stockpile.
Stockpiling= a backup of items that you use, consume or will use in the future. It's a slow process that is build one item at a time, as a good coupon or sale comes along.

Stockpiling is a little overwhelming at 1st. Brandon didn't agree w/ it at the beginning, but when I was sick for a week and unable to go to the grocery store, and we didn't run out of food- he began to embrace the concept. :) Now, he thinks it's great- when we run out of something, he just goes and checks the stockpile. Rarely do we run out to the store to get just one thing anymore!
When we had that ice storm at the beginning of December, it saved our butts having a back-up of the stuff that spoiled in the fridge.

We keep the food stockpile items downstairs in part of a closet and on a shelf in the garage. The non-food stockpile is upstairs in the guest room closet. If you were to come over to our house, you wouldn't even notice. I never want it to take over our home or be too excessive. (look at HCW's stockpile photo thread, and you'll see some AMAZINGLY huge ones!)

Soooooo- right now, my big stockpile item is Huggies wipes and products. Now, we don't have kids yet, and we don't plan on TTC until next fall, but I researched it out- and wipes never go bad! Sooooo, my obsession began.

There is a target coupon for $3 off any 2 Huggies products. I've been getting 2 of the trial sized wipes for .97/each and have been making a $1 off each set since this deal came out. I've also used peelies (little coupons found on the actual product) to get the clean team products for $2 off.

So far I have:
75 trial size wipes
6 40 ct. wipes (these are 1.97 each)
2 hard tub lg. wipes
2 baby disposable washcloth packages
4 clean team bath mitts
2 2-in-1 clean team shampoos
2 clean team bath washes
1 clean team hand soap
all for FREE!!!!!! (actually, I've made over $15 off of these that I applied to Christmas gifts, etc!)

So, if you've been wanting to get into couponing, this Target deal is a great stockpile starter and just a great place to get started!

I also believe that you should donate 10% (like tithing) of the stockpile/free things you get. So, alot of these huggies wipes and other free food I get will go to the food bank and to those in need. Just imagine if everyone donated- how much better off we'd all be :)


House of Pierce said...

Hi, You don't know me but I know Allison so that is how I found your blog. I went on HCW website and decided this is my new years resolution. I am a full time student and my husband is in the military and we we 2 kids so saving money is a big deal to us!! I am so overwhelmed though!! We are stationed in a small town and Walmart is 15 minutes away so I think this will be even more of a challenge. But I would love to hear some tips from a pro!! My email is THANKS!!

Allison said...

Hey Sarah!! :)
I'm officially jealous of your Huggies stockpile. Oh well, I might go to Target twice tonight and maybe I'll catch up with you. I doubt it though.. :)LOL>.