Thursday, April 30, 2009

long lost photos

Over spring break, I took a little trip to Kansas City. I stayed with my friend Allison (check out her blog here: and visited with Melissa and Sarah (friends from OSU.
I had a great time in KC, but my camera died as soon as I returned.

Anywho- here's Allison's daughter, Jenna with a funny face next to my 1st baby gift! A bouncy/vibrating seat for our baby! Here's Allison, Jenna and I at California Pizza Company:
I really enjoyed Kansas City and I would love to take a trip there with Brandon. The Plaza and Power & Lights District were alot of fun...I would have enjoyed the shopping more if I wasn't pregnant. There's not as much of a selection in maternity clothing....We did stumble upon a great scrapbook store where I spent way too much money :) So, all was not lost!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

garage sales rock!

Several neighborhoods around town have been advertising garage sales this week. I woke up early and it's a nice day, so I decided to stir out.

I hit the jackpot at the 1st one I stopped at! I bought $7 worth of baby clothes, and called my mom to tell her about it. I didn't realize what a good deal I had stumbled across- so after talking to mom, I turned around and went back for more stuff!

Here's all the stuff I got this morning:

Fisher Price 'little people' animals/alphabet/zoo set- $5
Books- $1 total
Xylophone- $1
Polo jeans
6 pairs of Gymboree, Baby Gap, Old Navy kahkis/pants
3 Children's Place onsies for next summer
Zantano letter 'Z' pj set
3 sets of Baby Gap pj's
1 hat
1 Gymboree All-Star hoodie jacket
1 Old Navy fleece/sweater
3 Gymboree/Baby Gap shirts
1 Old Navy jacket (6-12 months)
Assortment of 12 pairs of socks, 2 bootie sets- $1 total

I averaged about $0.50 to $0.75 for each article of clothing! None of it has stains, and it was all name-brand. Several of the pants still had tags!!! The sizes range from 3 months to 18 months.
Garage sale season is just getting started- I can't wait to see what else I can find!! Now, if only I could find a cheap Bumbo seat.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Several things changed around here last week......

Brandon plays church league basketball once a week, and he really enjoys it. A few weeks ago, he jammed his fingers, but it seemed to go away in a few days. He came home from basketball on Tuesday night complaining that his hand (same one) hurt again. We just wrote it off, thinking he just jammed the same fingers as before.
Well, after about an hour of work the next day, he realized that it might be more serious. I got him an appt at our doctor right away...turns out, he has a spiral fracture in his actual hand. Our doctor thought it might require surgery, so Brandon was sent to the hand surgeon that same day.

We were relieved to find out that surgery wasn't necessary! But, Brandon will have to wear this cast on his hand for at least 4 weeks. Fun.
In other news, Leia got her summer hair cut this week! See the difference? She really seems to like it. She enjoys being outside, and doesn't seem to be as hot.

Now that we're at the 1/2 way point of this pregnancy, we are really getting serious about getting things together for our little guy. We're trying to pick out paint colors for the nursery and figure out the maternity leave situation. I really feel like he's growing by leaps and bounds recently.

It was an eventful week around here last week- I hope this week is nice and dull!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 weeks

My camera has returned!! I snapped a quick photo Sunday morning on our way out the door to the early church service. (my momma bought me my Easter dress- isn't it pretty?) Leia was also very concerned about what I was doing taking a photo so early in the morning :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Water Aerobics

My friend Stephenie told me about this prenatal water aerobic class at one of the local YMCA's back when we 1st announced we were expecting.

I was interested, but kinda put it on the back burner. After my last dr's appt, and gaining some pregnancy weight, I decided it was time to check it out. Turns out- I LOVE the class! It's $30/month and we have class at least 2x a week, 3x a week if we want to. It's an hour long- and I feel SO good afterwards.

I can definitely tell that I'm working out my arms- but my feet feel SO good after working all day. I hope to continue with the class up until the very end of this pregnancy. It is money well spent.

I really like our instructor as well- she shared this recipe she saw on Food Network (Paula Dean?) earlier in the day:
Take french/some sort of bread- using olive oil or butter, brown the bread.
Spread cream cheese on top of it, allowing it to melt.
Top as you wish with avocados, cheese, tomatoes, etc.

It sounded amazing- especially as we were all exercising :) I hope to try it soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

19 weeks

I miss my camera. :(

But, good news- I got a voice recording from Geek Squad, and my G9 is headed my direction, and should be delivered this week. I can't wait. I hope it's all fixed and ready to go. I also hope that they sent me a note saying what was wrong with it.

All of that to say, when my camera comes back, I'll post my 19 week picture.

Not much to report this week:
  • I can feel him moving around more
  • I'm starting to sleep better on my sides & my arms aren't going to sleep as often
  • my pj pants are all too tight in the waist
  • my students keep asking me when the baby is coming, and they all freak out when I say 'end of August'- its humorous!
  • We registered at Target and Babies R Us over the weekend

Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Store Specials

A new Target opened about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and we've really enjoyed it. It's a cross between the Super and normal Target's.

Anywho, the 1st weekend they were open, they had alot of 'in-store specials', but most of the items were sold out and no rainchecks were offered.

We were at Target last night registering, and I decided to stroll through the grocery section. Target had released the 2nd wave of 'in-store specials'- and they were GOOD! A 24 pk of bottled water, kellogg's fruit snacks and prego pasta sauce were all on sale for $1 each.
I found a $0.50/1 prego sauce coupon on the floor- so I only spent $0.50!

Anywho, keep your eyes peeled for the endcaps at new Target's!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We had our monthly Dr's appt today- and Dr. S confirmed that we are having a BOY!

He looked great today, good strong heartbeat, plenty of fluids, etc. He was asleep at the time, so we didn't get any good ultrasound pictures, but that's fine with me.