Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What a day..........It all started when I dismissed my 1:30pm group and settled into my office chair for some IEP writing and test scoring. Our Principal's secretary came over the intercom and called an IOC meeting- and then said 'this is not a drill'!

I immediately regretted not paying enough attention to the beginning of the year drills. The bells weren't going off, so I knew it wasn't fire or tornado........it was the intruder on campus call! I jumped up, locked my building door and turned off all my lights.

Then, in true Sarah fashion, I took it a step further and climbed under my desk :) Of course, I took my cell phone and laptop with me. I tend to over react.....just a little.

Turns out, there were several burglaries in the area, and the bad guys hadn't been apprehended yet. The police thought it would be best to lock down the school for about 40 minutes for everyones safety. The police walked around the school grounds and checked the wooded area behind the school.

Thank goodness I didn't have any kiddos in my room- I'm not good at remaining calm when I'm startled/excited! I'm really glad my school takes the staff and kid's safety so seriously and the police responded so quickly.

Never a dull moment at the elementary school :)

September Spending

This month has just flown by. In between our trips out of town for the football games and working full time, I didn't have as much time for shopping....which I guess is a good thing.

I still managed to stock up on some great deals this past month: the cleaning products at Walgreens and cheap steaks, grapes and milk at Target.

Here's my final monthly totals:
Spent: $190.63
Saved: $203.19

I only made 1 trip to Homeland and only 1 trip to Wal-Mart. Almost all of my shopping was done at Super Target and Walgreens.
I received two $5 off any $25 purchase coupons in the mail today from Homeland, so I will definately be shopping there more in October.

How'd you do in September?

Monday, September 29, 2008

the pumpkin candle

Last year, Bath & Body works came out with this wonderful smelling pumpkin candle. I wanted one so badly for the house, but Brandon had just sliced open his finger (during the 2 weeks we didn't have health insurance) and started his new job, so money was really tight.

I waited til the day after Halloween and called all the B&BW's in town. I finally found 1 store that had 1 candle left- so I bought it 1/2 price. I burned it until Thanksgiving, and then packed it away for this fall.

Fast forward to today......I was getting my fall stuff out of the attic, and I opened this box and it had the most WONDERFUL smell! I forgot that my beloved sale candle was in there- it had been in the attic since June. (do you see where this is going?) I opened the candle box- there was no candle left.....just wax all over my fall box. :(

I ran down to tell Brandon, and he just said "well, buy a new one!"

It's not really about the candle, it's just the fact that I waited and waited to buy it on sale. :) I'm going to go pay full price for a new one this week........
Now, I still love a good bargain- but I'll buy another the day after Halloween 1/2 off for next year. And, I won't keep it in the attic.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


We're ranked!!

Number 21 on the AP Poll! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/ncaa/polls/ap/

Why OU is #1 instead of Alabama is beyond me.
OU has played 3 out of their 4 games at home, and have played no name teams. Alabama is 5-0 and they upset Florida this weekend! Don't even get me started on USC and Ohio State. Ohio State was beating Troy 14-10 at their half time last week. At our halftime against Troy- we were beating them 28-10.
Further proving why the BCS system of pre-season rankings is flawed.

It's just gonna be that much sweeter when we beat the Sooners this year @ Bedlam :)

Couponing this week....

Just a few good deals I found for this week:
*Target has 1 lb. of grapes for $1 all week, and a $1/1 lb Target printable came out today- so go stock up on grapes!

Puffs are $0.89 -.25 coupon in today's paper= $0.59
Chicken broth- .69/can
5 lb. bag of sugar- $1.99

*Reasors- until Tuesday, 2 liters are .89 and Borden ice cream is $1.99

*The quaker deal is back- but we don't have any coupons to match w/ the deals! Hopefully those will be coming next week.....

And here's a printable coupon for $0.50/3 Libby canned veggies- http://www.getbacktothetable.com/

Dez for Prez!

Yesterday we watched our OSU Cowboys go 4-0 in football! It was a great game against Troy and our wide receiver, Dez Bryant is amazing! Hopefully we'll actually make it onto the AP rankings this week.... We went to Stillwater a little early to eat w/ Liz and her boyfriend, and to pick up our custom jerseys. Brandon's always wanted a jersey, but they are really expensive. And, every couple years, the current #'s become obsolete since the player graduates, etc. So, Brandon had the great idea of getting jerseys with our last name on the back! He's #1 since he was a Koehling before me :)

While we were gone, my parents kept Leia- and she had a little accident. We thought her front left leg might be broken, so we took her to the vet this morning (we skipped church yet again- we really need to get back on our schedule!) and thankfully she just has soft tissue damage. He gave her some anti-inflammatory to help her little leg and she has to stay off her foot/leg as much as possible these next couple days. Which means, alot of time in her kennel. She doesn't seem to mind so far though.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yesterday's groceries

After work yesterday, I ran across town to Homeland.
I spent $28.32
I saved $36.42 :)
I have a new rule about driving 20 minutes to Homeland. At least 3 products I need/want must be free or below 50 cents to make it worth the trip. I picked up 2 Dawn dish soaps, 4 Old ElPaso products, Powerade, Trident, Rice-A-Roni and pasta for free :)
I'd say that's a pretty good trip!
How have you'all been doing w/ your couponing?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

an easy dinner

These TGI Friday skillet dinners are amazing! Target has them for $6.48, and I used the $1/1 Target printable and the $1/1 manf. coupon from an All You magazine. We've tried the fajitas and the seseme chicken- both were amazing! I'd buy these even w/out a coupon for those nights that I'm just not in the mood to cook very much.

And, what would a post be w/out a Leia photo? Here's Leia with her chew stick and toys- she has to have them in a pile around her. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a weekend!

Friday was MusicFest at my elementary school. It was a great opportunity to meet several of my kiddos parents. It was hosted by our school sponsor, the BA Nazarene Church. What a great outreach tool for the school and the church!
Saturday was our neighborhood's annual garage sale- it was crazy! Karen, Will, the kids and Elizabeth came over. Here's all the stuff I bought- for a total of $4.65 (it's all for school, besides for the little bobbly apple- we had one as a kid, and I just couldn't pass it up- it was 10 cents!)

Also this weekend, Brandon bought Leia a new toy- one of those long Bobo dog things you see on the PetSmart commercials. At 1st she was scared of it, but she loves it now!

And, my Hershey's coupons came in the mail! $4 off any Hershey's product....I'm going to try and save 'em till after Halloween and get more for my coupon $$........

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yet another couponing tip.........

Last July, when I started couponing, I realized how many great printable coupons are out there. But, after about a week- I got really tired of all the updates from the manufactures.

Granted, to get most of the coupons, one must subscribe to the product newsletters. Which is a great thing when manufactures decide to send out special coupons :) but not a great thing when you just want to sign into hotmail real quick and instead you have 30 messages waiting for you.

Thus, I set up an email account solely for my couponing adventures. I used yahoo, and I love it! I check it about 3 times a week, when I have the time to devote to coupon printing. I love not having 'junk' mail mixed in with my personal emails too!

Just thought I'd share the separate email suggestion :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our weekend...

Yesterday, even though it was raining- we decided to go to the OSU game. It was a great game- by half time the 2nd string was called in. I think the final score was something like 57 -13! Here's us with our lovely orange ponchos :)On the way home from the game, we saw Hurricane Ike evacuation info on the highway! All the way up here? And of course, what would a picture post be w/out a cute Leia photo? She's becoming so much more adventerous and she isn't scared of my camera anymore!!


I stopped by Target on Friday night, and stumbled into so great deals. For $28.48 I got:
3 4 packs of Klennexes- $1.48 since they were left over from Back to School stuff (they were mixed in w/ the normal paper goods though)
-3 $0.50/1 coupons = $3 for 12 boxes of Klennexes!
1.5 lbs of boneless ribs- pd $0.14 after coupon on package and target printable
1.5 lbs of sirloin- pd $3 " "
2 bags Cheetos- $1 each after target printable
Butoni- free noodles w/ target printable and manf printable, $1 for the marinara sauce
I saved $14.50 with coupons! (Most of which were Target's printables)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Candy, candy, candy

While at work today, I opened a bag of the Hershey's bliss candy I got for next to nothing a while back. I noticed it was covered in white stuff, and I proceeded to gag a little while throwing it all away. Then I opened another bag, and it was covered w/ the white stuff too!
I turned the bag over, and saw a 1-800 number, so I decided to call it. I got ahold of a customer service rep right away, and Hershey's is mailing me 2 $4 off any Hershey's product coupons!! Just in time for Halloween!!

And then- I found this great printable today. It's $1/1 bag of Nestle Candy- and it doesn't expire until 11/15!
(the coupon is on the right side of the screen @ the top- remember to just hit the back button after the 1st coupon prints and you can print another one!)

It sure does pay off to call those 1-800 numbers!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I did amazingly well today couponing :)

Here's what I did (and some links to the printable versions of the coupons, so you can too):

1st transaction
2 Robitussin- $3.99 each
1 Dimeatapp- $3.99
2 Windex- $2.49 each
1 Scrubbing bubbles cleaner- $2.49
1 Shout-$2.49

- .75/1 x4 shout, scrubbing bubbles, windex coupons from Sunday inserts
-2 $3/1 Robtiussin printables found here:
-$2/1 Dimeatapp printable here:
Total: 12.80
- $11 GC from rebates last month
paid OOP: $1.80
earned $15 in register rewards

2nd transaction
2 Pledge- $3.79 each
2 Scrubbing Bubbles- $2.49 each
1 windex wipes- $2.49
Shout wipes- $2.49
Scrubbing Bubbles new shower spray- $3.49
2 Tissues- .29
chap stick 1.89 (these were fillers)

-$2 windex wipes coupon from mailer
- 3 $0.75/1 insert coupons
- 3 $1/1 insert coupons and these printables: http://www.scrubbingbubbles.com/
-$15 in RR
Total OOP: $3.58

3rd transaction (later on in the evening)
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Action scrubbers- $3.79 each
- 2 $2.75/1 printables from http://www.scrubbingbubbles.com/
Total OOP: $2.73
Earned $2 RR

4th transaction
2 SB action scrubbers- $3.79 each
- 2 $2.75/1 printables
and I tried to get the free chocolate that is advertised 2/$3 and then there's a $3 off 2 coupon in the Sept easy saver....but it range up $1.99 each instead of $1.50- so I overpaid. I'll probably return the chocolate if Brandon doesn't like it......
-$2 RR
Total OOP: $3.36

Total spent @ Walgreens: $11.47
Total saved: $76.85!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

photo catch up

We had a great weekend!
My picture of the day for Friday is all my copied workbooks up at school. Real exciting, I know....but everything in binders and w/ the black ring-thingys are things I've copied from my mentor teacher. It's such a blessing to not have to spend my own money on stuff for speech. Saturday was our 1st game day as season ticket holders :) We met Rusty and Jeannette for an early dinner and drinks at Mexico Joes (yum!).........
Then we headed to the stadium......it looks completely different all bowled in now. This picture was before the game, the stadium filled up by 6pm. I love my new camera and all it's settings- here's one w/ the sports setting- it has great zoom capability too! The Cowboys won, and we loved our seats. We're on the 15 yard line, not even 1/2 way up in the stadium and we have great people sitting around us.
And of course, what would an update be w/out a Leia photo. We put her in Brandon's robe pocket this morning- too cute!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

try this!

I made this for dinner tonight- it was yummy and easy to make! I cut the recipe in 1/2 and we still have enough left overs for both of us to eat it again tomorrow night.

Kraft's Food and Family- Bruschetta Chicken Bake

Monday, September 1, 2008

Reflection & a cute puppy

We have one of the cutest puppies.ever. Now, if she would just stop peeing in the house on the weekends......
And, a little bit of reflection......Brandon and I were talking tonight (while cleaning up the kitchen) about how much our lives have changed in the past two years. We are so excitied about going back to Stillwater this coming Saturday (and 6 more!) for the football game, but as much as I love OSU and Stillwater, I know that I really truely miss all the friends and experiences I had there.
When we 1st got married, we lived in a little townhouse. It was 920 sq feet, had 2 bedrooms and cost $475 a month- including gas, sewer,water and trash!!! It wasn't the nicest place in town, yet at least 2 nights a week we have as many friends as we could fit over for supper and/or guitar hero.
I miss cooking for Lloyd and Travis- who could easily eat the entire dish I placed before them. We had NO money, but yet we had everything we needed.

Now, here we are 2 years later; we're homeowners and have steady full-time jobs. We are abundantly blessed. We have a new set of friends and new priorities.......I love the life we have now, don't get me wrong- I just wish I knew back then how good we had it.
And, if you would have told me this time 2 years ago that we'd be where we are now, I wouldn't believe ya!! :)