Sunday, September 7, 2008

photo catch up

We had a great weekend!
My picture of the day for Friday is all my copied workbooks up at school. Real exciting, I know....but everything in binders and w/ the black ring-thingys are things I've copied from my mentor teacher. It's such a blessing to not have to spend my own money on stuff for speech. Saturday was our 1st game day as season ticket holders :) We met Rusty and Jeannette for an early dinner and drinks at Mexico Joes (yum!).........
Then we headed to the looks completely different all bowled in now. This picture was before the game, the stadium filled up by 6pm. I love my new camera and all it's settings- here's one w/ the sports setting- it has great zoom capability too! The Cowboys won, and we loved our seats. We're on the 15 yard line, not even 1/2 way up in the stadium and we have great people sitting around us.
And of course, what would an update be w/out a Leia photo. We put her in Brandon's robe pocket this morning- too cute!

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Anonymous said...

You really did get some great pictures with your new camera! Looks like you had lots of fun!