Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a weekend!

Friday was MusicFest at my elementary school. It was a great opportunity to meet several of my kiddos parents. It was hosted by our school sponsor, the BA Nazarene Church. What a great outreach tool for the school and the church!
Saturday was our neighborhood's annual garage sale- it was crazy! Karen, Will, the kids and Elizabeth came over. Here's all the stuff I bought- for a total of $4.65 (it's all for school, besides for the little bobbly apple- we had one as a kid, and I just couldn't pass it up- it was 10 cents!)

Also this weekend, Brandon bought Leia a new toy- one of those long Bobo dog things you see on the PetSmart commercials. At 1st she was scared of it, but she loves it now!

And, my Hershey's coupons came in the mail! $4 off any Hershey's product....I'm going to try and save 'em till after Halloween and get more for my coupon $$........

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Trina said...

Yay for high dollar coupons and yard sales! :)