Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dez for Prez!

Yesterday we watched our OSU Cowboys go 4-0 in football! It was a great game against Troy and our wide receiver, Dez Bryant is amazing! Hopefully we'll actually make it onto the AP rankings this week.... We went to Stillwater a little early to eat w/ Liz and her boyfriend, and to pick up our custom jerseys. Brandon's always wanted a jersey, but they are really expensive. And, every couple years, the current #'s become obsolete since the player graduates, etc. So, Brandon had the great idea of getting jerseys with our last name on the back! He's #1 since he was a Koehling before me :)

While we were gone, my parents kept Leia- and she had a little accident. We thought her front left leg might be broken, so we took her to the vet this morning (we skipped church yet again- we really need to get back on our schedule!) and thankfully she just has soft tissue damage. He gave her some anti-inflammatory to help her little leg and she has to stay off her foot/leg as much as possible these next couple days. Which means, alot of time in her kennel. She doesn't seem to mind so far though.


Elizabeth said...

Poor little Leia! :(

erincraig said...

Poor girl! Hope she is starting to feel better! Love the jerseys! Blake thinks it is weird to where another mans name on your shirt so he would love this idea!

Trina said...

Cool jerseys!

And your poor little baby! Bless her heart, I hope she's better soon.