Monday, September 1, 2008

Reflection & a cute puppy

We have one of the cutest puppies.ever. Now, if she would just stop peeing in the house on the weekends......
And, a little bit of reflection......Brandon and I were talking tonight (while cleaning up the kitchen) about how much our lives have changed in the past two years. We are so excitied about going back to Stillwater this coming Saturday (and 6 more!) for the football game, but as much as I love OSU and Stillwater, I know that I really truely miss all the friends and experiences I had there.
When we 1st got married, we lived in a little townhouse. It was 920 sq feet, had 2 bedrooms and cost $475 a month- including gas, sewer,water and trash!!! It wasn't the nicest place in town, yet at least 2 nights a week we have as many friends as we could fit over for supper and/or guitar hero.
I miss cooking for Lloyd and Travis- who could easily eat the entire dish I placed before them. We had NO money, but yet we had everything we needed.

Now, here we are 2 years later; we're homeowners and have steady full-time jobs. We are abundantly blessed. We have a new set of friends and new priorities.......I love the life we have now, don't get me wrong- I just wish I knew back then how good we had it.
And, if you would have told me this time 2 years ago that we'd be where we are now, I wouldn't believe ya!! :)


Chi said...

Leia is so cute:) Hope all is going well. Sounds like everything is falling into place. I know my life is so different than it was 2 years ago! I'm excited to see where God will take me in the next two years!

Julienne said...

My husband and I were talking about this very subjects the other day. We were reminiscing about how much fun we had during our college days. We were spontaneous and sure had more energy. :-) I do know we totally took that time for granted, but maybe that's one of the reasons it was so much fun!