Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Budget

Every month, I keep track of my grocery/coupon spendings and savings on an excel spreadsheet. This month, Brandon and I decided to keep track of our other expenses (not all of them, just clothing, ink, medicine, etc) on the spreadsheet as well.

Here's how we did:
Groceries and Walgreens type stuff: $139.55

Clothing, After Christmas sales, perscriptions: $143.41

Grand total for the month: $330.80

This is the best I've ever done with our food/Walgreens budget! Now, I just need to trim back in other areas.
I feel like we eat out too much and are wasting alot of money in that area. Our gas spending is way up for January and Feb. since I'm commuting back and forth 4 days a week, but we know that it's just temporary.

How did you'all do with your grocery spending/budgets this month?

Photos- Day 31

What a crazy past 48 hrs!
My camera is acting up, the lens won't automatically close and sometimes it won't turn on. I have no clue what's wrong with it. I took a crappy project 365 photo yesterday because I couldn't get my camera to work until 11pm....

It started snowing here this morning- look @ the library on campus! A far cry from what it looked like on Tuesday, huh?

Driving home was TERRIBLE. The turnpike was a mix of ice/snow- I don't think I ever got about 50 mph on the way home.
Once I got closer to home, the roads got better, and I saw 4 sandtrucks. It's been snowing since I got home, but it doesn't appear to be as bad as it was earlier today! Crazy Oklahoma weather!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WFMW: Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's already another WFMW! I decided to stray a little from my couponing tips, and share a baking tip.

Ever since I started using the Betty Crocker Bridal Edition Cookbook- my cookies have turned out perfectly, and it's all because of the butter.
This cookbook is amazing because it shows you what 'just soft enough' butter looks like. I can't get my scanner to work, but I thought I'd share w/ you'all.

Perfectly softened butter:
The butter still looks just like the stick you set out 30 minutes ago, until you press your finger on the top. It is just right when you are able to easily leave a finger imprint. It's too melty when you begin to see butter run off @ the base of the stick.

When you cookies come out flat, it's due to the butter being too melted.

Here's the recipe for the Choc. chip cookies I posted on Monday:
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup butter or stick margarine softened
1 tsp. vanilla
1 lg. egg
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 bag choc. chips

Heat oven to 375 degrees.
Beat sugars, butter, vanilla and egg with mixer on medium speed (I use speed 2 on my KA).
Mix in flour, baking soda and salt. (The dough will be very stiff)
Stir in choc. chips.
Drop dough by rounded tbsp's about 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes until light brown but the center is still soft. Cool 1-2 minutes, remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack.
(1 cookie- 135 calories, 8g fat and 1g fiber.) Makes about 4 dozen

Check out more WFMW tips over @

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Photo 29 and my Tuesday deals....

This morning when I got to campus it was strange-ly quiet and empty. I have always loved the way the library looks, so I made it today's photo! When class was over 2 1/2 hours later, the sky had turned gray and the wind really picked up- making me appreciate this photo more.
On another note....Today I got some awesome deals!
At Target I spent $12.77 ,and got
4 12-pks of coke- $2.25/each
2 pace salsas- $0.76 each
At Homeland, I spent $4.89 for:
2 Pop Secret Popcorns- free!
1 Cap'n Crunch Cereal
2 Pillsbury Cake mixes
1 Pillsbury frosting
2 2lb. bags of powdered sugar (for my cake class)
1 Pillsbury brownie mix
Before sales and coupons, my total would have been: $20.84

Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo 28

I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies over the weekend- this is all that's left!I did take 2 whole baggies full of cookies to friends over the weekend- so we didn't eat all 4 dozen ourselves, I promise :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My 1st time E-Baying.....

I listed 4 of the 10 or so items I've picked up thrift store/consignment store shopping over the past week or two, and here's how I've done so far.

Pd. $4.99 for these shorts, sold for $20.23 and $5 shipping (shipping will only cost me about $3 to the winners address)

Pd. .89 for this skirt, sold for $1.99 with $4 shipping (same as above)

Pd. $2 for this dress, sold for $3.99 with $4 shipping

Pd. 2.25 for this outfit, sold for $4.25 w/ $4 shipping

So, all and all I did ok- the only thing I made a huge profit on was the shorts. I still have a few auctions left on ebay, so we'll see how those do.
I'd really like to keep up with what clothing is selling well on ebay, and try finding it @ the thrift/consignments stores around here. Any little extra $$ is good!

My friend Allison did a WFMW post about thrift shopping for ebay, and I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without her help! Here's the link:

Photo 27 & my couponing soapbox speech

Its a little bit warmer here today, so Brandon decided to grill us hamburgers for lunch :)Other than that it's been a lazy Sunday around here, just the way I like it! My ebay auctions should end in about 4 hrs- I can't wait to see how well I did @ my 1st time ebay-ing for profit :)

I have a soap-box type issue to address :) So, here it is:

I love reading money saving mom and other couponing related blogs.
However, I can not stand it when people post/brag about using coupons in a fraudulent manner, and others draw attention to their 'couponing' practices even though it's unethical.
Case and point- super stacking coupons (using multiple $X amount off when you by $XX amount at CVS, etc) that are supposed to be one per purchase, or using coupons for items that they weren't intended to be used for.

Not only does this hurts the stores and manf. that offer us the coupons, but it makes stores/cashiers/etc. less trusting of couponers. It basically ruins it for the rest of us who try to use coupons in the correct way.
Just becuase a coupon 'goes through' on a product that it wasn't intended for- doesn't make it right!
(stepping off my soap box now)
Any opinions?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photo 26

Some gals from our Sunday school class (and my friend Lauri) and I signed up for a Wilton cake decorating class @ Hobby Lobby and it started today. We'll meet 4 times, 2 hrs. each. I learned alot today and can't wait to make my cake next week!
Supplies were a little bit more expensive than anticipated- thank goodness Hobby Lobby runs 40% off coupons! Here's all my supplies/goodies for the class:

I plan on posting my cake photos here every week. I'm really excitied to learn more and be able to not only make better cakes, but decorate them for our birthdays, etc. And, when we have kids- I'll be able to make theirs too! :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Homeland this week....

For $17.36 I got:
6 Knorr-Lipton Rice mixes- .25-.40 each
Milk- 2.12 (got love those $1/gallon of milk peelies!)
Orange Juice
Sour Cream- .50
light chip dip- .50
3 boxes of Quaker Capt'n Crunch- .50 each
3 lbs. of sausage- FREE
grapes- 1.99/lb
Pop Secret Popcorn- FREE
2 boxes Jiffy pizza crust mix (not on sale)
Ragu- 1.69 (not on sale, I just needed it)
4 boxes of Green Giant veggies- FREE
lunch meat- 1.99
Before coupons/sales, my total was: $70.79

Photo 24

Yesterday I had to go to the denist to get a filling :(
Last time I decided to just take the numbing shots and deal with it- I was a nervous wreck during the whole drilling process. So, I opted for the laughing gas this time- and it was amazing! This was only my 2nd filling ever, but from now on I'll always get that laughing gas.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

thrift store finds!

Today I swung by 2 thrift stores, continuing the hunt for kids clothing to sell on ebay :) At the last store, they didn't have much clothing- but I found these:

I was wanting/needing a space heater for upstairs, and have secretly always wanted a smoothie/drink maker! Ever since my friend left a spoon in my mixer, it hasn't worked the same.

I got both of these for $10 total! :) The smoothie maker has never been used, and they let me test out the heater.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WFMW: Target coupons

Did you know that Target has their own store coupons? And, you can combine them with manufacter coupons that you find in the Sunday inserts? :)

Every 2 weeks, Target posts new coupons on their website. Here's the link to the current ones:

Even though the coupons don't expire for at least a month, they are pulled from the target website when the next 2 week cycle of coupons is published on Sunday.

One of my favorite coupon sites, has created a coupon generator where all the un-expired Target coupons are stored. (You have to create a user name to access this portion of HCW, but it's free and no spam, I promise! Once logged in, go to Coupon Resources, and on the drop-down menu you will see 'coupon generator')

Once you are in the coupon generator, you can pick how many coupons you'd like to be printed. (ex- I want 4 dole salad coupons, so I enter 4 next to Dole Salad, and click 'get coupons'.) You can print multiple coupons at once, saving on paper and ink!

Also, you can print the current, online coupons at Target! Go to the kiosk where you print registry information, and click ''. Go to the bottom of the page, click 'Super Target Coupons and Specials', select your coupons and print on Target's blue paper using their ink! :)

What great deals have you gotten using Target coupons? Or what deals do you have planned?

Check out more great Works for me Wed. tips over @

Photo 22

Aren't these beautiful?

I have 2 big exams tomorrow, blah. I'm lacking serious motivation during this last semester of graduate school. Back to the books.....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ebay here I come! (photo 21)

I've always been curious to how my friend Allison makes good $$ on ebay off kids clothes. So, with her help over the phone :), I stired out today and found these outfits to list on ebay! (Gap and Gymboree) Hopefully they sell and I make a profit....I'd love to help us out by making a little extra money....if these sell well I'll go back to the thrift/consignment stores and list more....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photo 20

Every Sunday after church, we go over and see Nannie and Papa. They live about 10 minutes from our house, and I just love spending time with them. Today, they allowed me to take their photo :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Photo 19: Jack

It's SO cold here. All we did today was go workout (those 3 lbs. still aren't gone!), clean house, watch college basketball and I started studying for my 2 exams next week. Real exciting.

Andrea and Jack came over for supper tonight- isn't he just the cutest beagle? We love having Andrea over, and when Jack comes it's just a bonus! :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Photos for day 18

We went downtown tonight for dinner at a newer mexican place called El Guapo- it was amazing!
'They' are really trying to make downtown Tulsa like Bricktown is in's not there yet, but maybe one day.

Anywho- here's our friends Karen, Will and Audri @ dinner....and then Brandon and I enjoying a quite tasty (and strong) margarita!

My Frugal Friday......

I usually carpool to our local Homeland grocery store with either my friends Karen or M. Ann. It's way on the other side of town, so the deals have to be worth it to use the gas. Plus, its fun to have someone to shop with! It's also great because there's always some un-marked freebie we seem to find when we tag team!
So, here's how I did today. The total before coupons/sale was $85.26.
here's the higlights:
4 bottles of kraft salad dressing -$1 each AC
2 peanut butters- Free AC-I actually made $1.22 off each one!
2 pkg's of sausage links- free AC!
2 boxes captain crunch cereal- $1/box
Super Pretzels- .25 AC
2 Pepperidge farm breads- .25 each AC
3 lb. bag of onions- .97
Wholey Guacamole- .50 AC
2 pkg. borden sliced cheese- .86 each AC
2 Welch's grape jelly- .35 each AC
2 Sargento Shredded cheese- 1.16 each AC
2 bags of birds eye veggies- FREE!
Total OOP: 27.55

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo 17

Today, I offically became the moderator for my local grocery store's thread on HCW! They emailed me yesterday to ask me if I'd be interested, and I figured, why not!
So, my picture of the day is a little dull- but I'm excitied! Just think- a year ago I didn't know anything about couponing!

Photo 16

Photo 16:
I went to dinner last night in Stillwater w/ my friends Lauren and Liz. We all grew up @ the same church- and it's great to catch up!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WFMW: shopping info. & how I organize it!

I have a simple, very thin, yellow folder (with brads) that I keep all my couponing and couponing/shopping related information in. I keep my trusty folder w/ me in my car, so if I'm out and about and need it, its there!

Here's what I keep in my folder that is of great help to me in my couponing endevors:

front pocket:
- store coupons (ex- Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off, etc)
- the current grocery ad's (great to have handy if I need to price-comp @ Wal-Mart)

In the middle/bradded area, in clear page protectors:
*Sale Price Cheat Sheet- I suck @ math, so this really helps!
(the info. from HCW is on the very 1st post on this thread, just highlight and print!)

*Sales Cycles- this has helped me know when to stockpile (see my previous post about this) and when to wait to purchase larger home items.
(same as above, go to the 1st post, highlight and print)

*Experation Date information- maybe I don't need to carry this sheet w/ me to the store, but it's nice to have in my folder and to reference back to.

*Can I freeze it?- this took some time to read through, but really opened my eyes to what could and couldn't be frozen. Maybe it's not the best to print, but its helpful and informative.

*Corporate letters from Target and Walgreens, explaining their coupon policies- these are great to have on hand, especially when you have a mis-informed cashier who tries to refuse a legal coupon.
(I can't find my link right now....I'll post it later!)

*Copies of my rebate forms that I have already mailed in. Once I receive my rebate, I remove the form and throw it away.

In the back pocket:
-My past month's excel spreadsheets. On my spreadsheets I keep track of the date, store, before coupon total, afer coupon total and $ saved. I also note type of shopping and the price of something I stockpiled. At the end of every month, I total my expenses and print these out for my records.

It's Works for Me Wednsday over at - go over and check it out!
Also, feel free to check out my other couponing threads about price matching @ Wal-Mart and stockpiling :)

Photo 15

My paperwhite/tulip flower thingy from the Target sale started blooming today! Only 1 out of the four bulbs has an open bloom, while 1 will probably be there tomorrow.... and the other 2 bulbs are still pretty short. Hopefully they'll come along soon.
I can't believe it grew so fast!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo 14...easy dinner!

Monday's are my LONG day, and I always struggle w/ what to fix for supper since I never feel like it by the time I get home.
So, this morning I put 3 lbs. of boneless pork roast in the crock pot w/ this McCormick 'Pulled Pork' seasoning packet and what it called for- vinegar, ketchup and brown sugar.
When I came home, the house smelled so good! And, even better- dinner was ready!!!! All I had to do was shred the meat, and we were ready to eat.
I'm going to freeze what we didn't eat. So, not only did I prepare 1 easy meal, but now I have enough meat for 2 others.
I love how couponing has changed my life. I waited to try this until I could get pork @ a good price, and the seasoning packet I got on sale as well. This dish ended up only costing me:
$5.97 for the pork (1.99/lb)
$0.49 for the seasoning
Ketchup, brown sugar and vinegar- had on hand
$1.00 for a 6 pk. of hoagie buns (used a coupon)
total: $7.46...
but then divide that by 3, since it will feed us 3 times= $2.48!!!
Not bad @ all :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photo 13

Our friends Will, Karen and their daughter Audri came over for supper and Guitar Hero 3 last night....isn't she adoreable?
Karen and I ran to Lowes to use the $10 off any houseplant coupons. I found this plant for $9.97 and they had all these home accessories on sale- so I found this step stool that I'm going to use as a plant stand (for now) for 7.49!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

photo 12....big day!

This morning I took my national Praxis exam....the exam I have to pass to become a fully licensed speech-language pathologist. I studied, took the practice test, etc.- and I still have no clue how I did......If I failed, then I have up to a yr. after I graduate to pass it, so I'm trying to just have faith that it'll all work out. I did my best....that's all I could do!
On a lighter note- Here's how I did @ Homeland yesterday: (remember, they double up to $1!)
Total: $12.66
Before coupons, the total would have been: $36.81
  • 4 packages of kraft shredded cheese (on sale for $2, then used .55/2 coupon)

  • 2 packages of keebler cookies- free!

  • 2 juicey juice- free!

  • doritos (no coupons! Brandon just wanted them)

  • Pork Roast- 1.99/lb

  • St. Ives lotion- .99 after coupon

Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday!

It was rumored that Old Navy would be marking down any orange tagged item to 75% off today- and they did!
This is what I got for $52.20: (that includes tax!)
For me:
PJ pants-$4.24
nightgown- 3.59
yellow long sleeved shirt- 2.69

For Brandon:
orange fleece jacket- 5.99
2 sweaters- 5.84 and 4.49
short sleeved button down-3.99
hat- 1.56
3 pairs of boxers- 1.57 each

For baby gifts:
2 outfits- 2.02 and 2.69
2 boxed pj sets- 2.23 and 3.14
For more frugal tips, check out today's frugal friday post over on
She is talking about 5 painless ways you saved $100 last year. Here's how Brandon and I have saved way over $100!
  1. shopping for clothes when they are on sale- and avoiding the mall unless we really need something!
  2. cutting coupons and shopping at stores that double 'em
  3. using the Wal-Mart card to save 3 cents on gas
  4. only eating lunch out once a week
  5. when we go out to eat for supper- using coupons and eating when they have a 'special'. (ex- the mexican place I love has 3.99 enchiladas on Wed. evenings- so we go then!)

Off to grocery shop....we'll see how I do!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photos 9 &10...

Photo 10:
I bought this paperwhite tulip thing @ Target for 2.49 during their 75% off Christmas sale. (it came w/ 4 blubs, dirt and the pot!) Look at how much is has grown in a week and a 1/2....

Photo #9: Last night I had dinner in Stillwater w/ my good friend Mallorie. Her fiancee, Mark- had just gotten his new Ugg's in and was so excitied! My Brandon would get that excitied over a Playstation 3 or a new car, Mark- it was a pair of shoes! It was just too funny! Thus, my photo of the day :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photo 8....Target & Wal-Mart Price Comp-ing

After I got back from school today, I ran to Taret and to Wal-mart to price-comp.
Price Comp-ing= when you take in a compeditors ad into Wal-mart, and they change their price to match the ad.
Here's what I got for $6.44 (including tax)

7 Electrasol's -2.66 each
5 Buddies bar soap - .94 each (Im going to donate these!)
2 Archer Farms Coffee's- .99 each
4 Market Pantry Butters- 1.19 each
5 Peter Pan PB- .77 each
Total before coupons: $33.67
Man, I love couponing!
How have you done w/ your coupon deals?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 7.....back to graduate school

The Speech-Language-Hearing clinic/classroom building where I spend my time; 4 days a week.....for 8 more weeks........
I'm always so happy to see this skyline!

No fun coupon deals for me today....but just wait, I'll be back on my 'A' Game tomorrow :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day and inserts!

What a BEAUTIFUL day here! The car thermometer said 77 degrees! I'm already ready for Spring.
This morning I woke up early and went down to QT to get the coupon inserts...and we got 6 of them instead of 5! That new Red Plum company had 2 in ours.
Here's what I did until it was time to get ready for church:
Our Sunday School class moved to a different time (now 10:45am) and location today. We are in the new gym/rec center that our church just built! Our new room is really nice as is the new gym and work-out machines/track they have above it.

Brandon joined the church basketball leauge and starts playing tomorrow night.

Alson, we went by Walgreens to run some of their deals, and this is what I got:

  • 3 Robitussin's- $6 each
  • 3 Christmas take out containers- .33 each
  • 1 Excedrin- $3
  • 2 magnetic notepads- .75 total
  • Leap Frog puzzle- 3.99 (all toys on sale now)
  • 2 Cover Girl mascaras- $7 each
  • 2 renyolds foil & 1 wax paper- .75 each
  • $15 perscription

Total spent after coupons, rebate and RR: 19.21

Overall- a wonderful Sunday! Hope yours was great too!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Super Saving Saturday & Day 5

Over on Money Saving Mom, they have Super Savings Saturday....I decided to join in!

Since I've been out of school for Christmas break, I've had alot of free time, which I used to run to Target. :)
I called yesterday morning @ 8am to see if the Christmas stuff was 90% off, the operator told me no, and sure enough, it was!
So, a friend called me about 2pm and told me to get up there.
I am a little upset that I 'missed out'- but in retro-spect I got everything I wanted/needed @ the 50-75% off price. Just because it's 90%, doesn't mean I need it all!

Hobby Lobby- Christmas @ 80% off
Total Spent: $9.25
Total Saved: 36.96
2 packets of Christmas scrapbooking stickers, 1 package of winter scrapbooking ribbon, Let it Snow plate, 'Joy' and 'Merry Christmas' wall hangings that you make w/ your scrapbooking supplies, 3 pk. of scotch tape and 2 gift bags

Target- Christmas @ 90% off
Total Spent: $5.45
Total Saved: $50.42

This week my Homeland grocery bill looked like this:
Total Spent: $18.72
Total Saved: $20.53
Deals: (remember, my store doubles coupons up to a $1!)
.99 Borden gallon of milk
.89 Freschetta Pizza
.24 for 3 2-liters of Fresca
.99 4 lb. bag of sugar
FREE dole salad mix
FREE yougurt

And, here's my project 365 photo for the day: I'm w/ the gals from our Sunday School class at the crop last night! We are going to now do it @ Scrapbooks Galore every month!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 4.....scrapbooking

Every month, the ladies in our Sunday School class get together for a scrapbook/craft night. I've kinda taken over organizing these things, and tonight, we are going to Scrapbooks Galore! I always end up lugging ALL of my scrapbooking stuff up there, having to make 2 trips from the car to the crop area.......
But, tonight's going to be different!!!! I pre-planned my pages, and brought only the papers I need.
Here's what I'm taking:
I got a rolling tote for Christmas. It holds my Cricut, cartridges, paper, paper trimmer, etc.

I'll post pictures later of the crop!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3....gym & Target

Since this is my last week of freedom for the next 8 weeks, I'm trying to enjoy it! I hate the impending doom of the commute back to Stillwater 4 days a week....sigh.
Brandon and I joined the local community college gym for the semester- and today was my 1st day to go. I need to drop about 3-5lbs. that I gained over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

Then, I went to Target. Now, I was just going in for groceries for supper- but look @ all I got!
Here's the breakdown:
6 Huggies wipes- 5.94
'K' Ornament- 1.74 (75% off)
5 lb. bag of potatoes- 1.50
applesauce- red tagged 1.21
butter(2 sticks)- 1.19
sour cream- 1.79
onion- 1.04
garlic- .32
before coupons: 16.49
Coupons used:
3- $3/2 huggies products (T) (I made $3 off the Huggies!)
$1/1 5lb. potatoes (T)
.50/1 market pantry butter (T)
.75/1 Daisy coupon (printed out w/ my T receipt awhile back)
.75/1 Daisy manf. coupon
.55/1 tortilla manf. coupon
After coupons: $4.31 (including tax!)
Every 2 weeks, Target posts new coupons on their main web page. You can print them out on your home computer or @ the store on their blue paper.
This Sunday, they'll be new ones- so check them out!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 2...Couponing necessities (WFMW)

Everyone organizes their coupons in different ways.

My friend Micheal-Ann puts her's in alphabetical order in a clear rubbermaid shoe box thingy w/ a lid. On HCW, some people have 3 ring binders w/ baseball card type clear holders.

I put my coupons into 2 of these 13 compartment expandable check folder thingys.....found right now @ the dollar spot @ Target! (mine are from this summer, but they have 'em out again!)

I have 2 folders, one for food (which I carry in my purse) and one for cleaners, etc. which I keep in my car. Within each folder, I have my coupons organized by categories, such as frozen, dairy, canned goods, snacks, baking, drinks, etc.

The trick to couponing is this:

**always have your coupons w/ you!

**Look at your local grocery store ad (see my homeland ad in the photo?) and circle the deals you plan on getting. I match up my coupons to these deals before I ever leave the house. It makes it easier to get through the store, and I'm not fumbling for my coupons all the time!

**Keep your grocery ad's so that you can price-comp @ Wal-Mart.

for more good general life tips, check out:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Project 365.....

Allison mentioned 'taking a picture a day' as one of her new year's resolutions on her blog....and while online today I saw this:

I hope it's ok for me to copy you Allsion! But it sounds like such a cool idea!

** Why I am doing project 365?
to document my travels, accomplishments, couponing accomplishments/pitfalls, and relationships. This year is going to be a crazy one with my completion of graduate school, etc. (see my previous post)
And hopefully, I'll become a better photographer through this experience! How cool would it be to put all these photos in a scrapbook? :)

So, here's my photo for Day 1:
This is my 'future speech pathologist' shelf. Over the past year and a half, I have accumulated all these childrens books, board games and speech path tools of the trade.
What's so exciting about this is that in May, I can hopefully move all of this to my new office, and start using it!


Happy New Year!

What happened in 2007......
*Brandon graduated college
*we moved back to T-Town
*Brandon started his career
*my in-laws moved to Texas
*we unexpectedly now have a nephew
*I started my addiction to couponing
*we joined a new church, made new friends
*we said goodbye to old friends

What will happen in 2008?
Brandon and I talked about our hopes/plans/resolutions over dinner last night.....

-continue saving for a down-payment on a house (hopefully we can buy one this year!)
-I graduate w/ my Masters in May!
-I'll be starting my career
-we'll get OSU football season tickets
-we might try to have a baby
-we'll join the local community college gym and stay active
-eat out less
-I'll cook more
-continue to be involved @ church
-hopefully, take a vacation in May