Saturday, January 5, 2008

Super Saving Saturday & Day 5

Over on Money Saving Mom, they have Super Savings Saturday....I decided to join in!

Since I've been out of school for Christmas break, I've had alot of free time, which I used to run to Target. :)
I called yesterday morning @ 8am to see if the Christmas stuff was 90% off, the operator told me no, and sure enough, it was!
So, a friend called me about 2pm and told me to get up there.
I am a little upset that I 'missed out'- but in retro-spect I got everything I wanted/needed @ the 50-75% off price. Just because it's 90%, doesn't mean I need it all!

Hobby Lobby- Christmas @ 80% off
Total Spent: $9.25
Total Saved: 36.96
2 packets of Christmas scrapbooking stickers, 1 package of winter scrapbooking ribbon, Let it Snow plate, 'Joy' and 'Merry Christmas' wall hangings that you make w/ your scrapbooking supplies, 3 pk. of scotch tape and 2 gift bags

Target- Christmas @ 90% off
Total Spent: $5.45
Total Saved: $50.42

This week my Homeland grocery bill looked like this:
Total Spent: $18.72
Total Saved: $20.53
Deals: (remember, my store doubles coupons up to a $1!)
.99 Borden gallon of milk
.89 Freschetta Pizza
.24 for 3 2-liters of Fresca
.99 4 lb. bag of sugar
FREE dole salad mix
FREE yougurt

And, here's my project 365 photo for the day: I'm w/ the gals from our Sunday School class at the crop last night! We are going to now do it @ Scrapbooks Galore every month!

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Vickie said...

Hi Sarah,
I have learned a lot from your blog. I work full time and have four very busy teenagers. I have the hardest time getting into the hang of coupons. I love bargains and try to stockpile items we use but never seem to get the great deals on personal care items like most do.

I love the picture of your stockpile. Unfortunately we do not eat a lot of processed foods so I do not use those coupons much. I would really like to stockpile the items we use daily.

Keep up the great work with your blog.