Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photo 8....Target & Wal-Mart Price Comp-ing

After I got back from school today, I ran to Taret and to Wal-mart to price-comp.
Price Comp-ing= when you take in a compeditors ad into Wal-mart, and they change their price to match the ad.
Here's what I got for $6.44 (including tax)

7 Electrasol's -2.66 each
5 Buddies bar soap - .94 each (Im going to donate these!)
2 Archer Farms Coffee's- .99 each
4 Market Pantry Butters- 1.19 each
5 Peter Pan PB- .77 each
Total before coupons: $33.67
Man, I love couponing!
How have you done w/ your coupon deals?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah!
Great job! You should, like, get a nice back rub from hubby or something. :o)

Erin Craig said...
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Erin Craig said...

Wow great deals! I will have to try price comp-ing because our Target is too far out of the way to get there often. Thanks for the tip!
Oh I did find a paper with all the inserts! I am so excited now! I will post all my good deals later this week. I haven't figured out yet what I am doing. I can't wait!

House of Pierce said...

Ok, I made my first attempt at couponing today. I organized all of my coupons and did some shopping. I only saved $6 but it is definately a start. I did get a toothbrush for under 50 cents. I was so excited about that!!!

Peggy said...

Great job on the price match! My Target would laugh in my face! They hassle me enough about using coupons!

Before you donate the soap, you may want to try one! I love it! It's great b/c it smells so good and it doesn't slip off the sink! I bought it for my kids, but I love it for hand soap - it's wayyyy cheaper than any liquid soap I was using b/c the kids go through it so fast. I have 11 $1 coupons on the way to me that I ordered online for $.15 each - so I can't wait to go get lots of free bars! (well, almost free- had to pay $.15 each for the coupon right?)

Michele said...

grat job!

Rhonda in OK said...

I price comp at my Wal-mart too, I do very well comping produce and poultry there.
I was also glad to read Peggy's comment on the J&J soap, I have not used my coupons yet but I will give them a try.

Troye said...

That is awesome about price comp-ing. I thought that they did that, but I wasn't sure. Do you have to go through customer service to get them to honor the competitor's adds or can you go through the regular checkout? and if so, do you shop first or do you head straight to customer service?