Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday!

It was rumored that Old Navy would be marking down any orange tagged item to 75% off today- and they did!
This is what I got for $52.20: (that includes tax!)
For me:
PJ pants-$4.24
nightgown- 3.59
yellow long sleeved shirt- 2.69

For Brandon:
orange fleece jacket- 5.99
2 sweaters- 5.84 and 4.49
short sleeved button down-3.99
hat- 1.56
3 pairs of boxers- 1.57 each

For baby gifts:
2 outfits- 2.02 and 2.69
2 boxed pj sets- 2.23 and 3.14
For more frugal tips, check out today's frugal friday post over on
She is talking about 5 painless ways you saved $100 last year. Here's how Brandon and I have saved way over $100!
  1. shopping for clothes when they are on sale- and avoiding the mall unless we really need something!
  2. cutting coupons and shopping at stores that double 'em
  3. using the Wal-Mart card to save 3 cents on gas
  4. only eating lunch out once a week
  5. when we go out to eat for supper- using coupons and eating when they have a 'special'. (ex- the mexican place I love has 3.99 enchiladas on Wed. evenings- so we go then!)

Off to grocery shop....we'll see how I do!


Allison said...

I heard that about Old navy too! I'm wondering now if it would be feasible to try and take Jenna out and go! I desperately need some new post-pregnancy clothes!

House of Pierce said...

I bought my kids clothes online from Old Navy today!! I am sure I would've more if I could've gone to the store but I am pleased with my purchases!! I love Old Navy sales!!

Anonymous said...

Nice deals! Thanks for the visit, glad to meet another frugal lady!