Saturday, January 12, 2008

photo 12....big day!

This morning I took my national Praxis exam....the exam I have to pass to become a fully licensed speech-language pathologist. I studied, took the practice test, etc.- and I still have no clue how I did......If I failed, then I have up to a yr. after I graduate to pass it, so I'm trying to just have faith that it'll all work out. I did my best....that's all I could do!
On a lighter note- Here's how I did @ Homeland yesterday: (remember, they double up to $1!)
Total: $12.66
Before coupons, the total would have been: $36.81
  • 4 packages of kraft shredded cheese (on sale for $2, then used .55/2 coupon)

  • 2 packages of keebler cookies- free!

  • 2 juicey juice- free!

  • doritos (no coupons! Brandon just wanted them)

  • Pork Roast- 1.99/lb

  • St. Ives lotion- .99 after coupon


Anonymous said...

I know you've passed.
BTW, my dd has been diagnosed with apraxia. We just got a referral to have an audiologist to test her for APD. She's in her 3rd yr of ST.

House of Pierce said...

Good Luck!! I am already terrified of taking the PRAXIS!! I am sure you did great!!

Allison said...

I know our tests aren't the same - but I thouroughly hated the praxis. :(

And, I'm laughing at you picturing you taking a photo in there of the test. :)

life--as best we can said...

Want to know something funny! I think I administered that test!