Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Budget

Every month, I keep track of my grocery/coupon spendings and savings on an excel spreadsheet. This month, Brandon and I decided to keep track of our other expenses (not all of them, just clothing, ink, medicine, etc) on the spreadsheet as well.

Here's how we did:
Groceries and Walgreens type stuff: $139.55

Clothing, After Christmas sales, perscriptions: $143.41

Grand total for the month: $330.80

This is the best I've ever done with our food/Walgreens budget! Now, I just need to trim back in other areas.
I feel like we eat out too much and are wasting alot of money in that area. Our gas spending is way up for January and Feb. since I'm commuting back and forth 4 days a week, but we know that it's just temporary.

How did you'all do with your grocery spending/budgets this month?


Jennifer said...

I just finished adding up what we spent this month.
For a grand total of groceries/CVS/Walgreens, we spent $687. But remember we have four kids. And, we saved $500!!
And, our pantry is stocked and overflowing!
Normally, I'd spend $120-140/week, just for that week, not stocking anything. So, I think I'm doing quite well. :o)
AND, you are doing awesome!!!!
We are going to start tracking our expenses, starting tomorrow....but that's another post. :o)

Erin Craig said...

I have yet to get a good tracking method down. We did well because I got stuff at CVS. Or biggest problems are eating out and gas. To cut on gas we are both looking for jobs closer to home. As far as eating is temporary because our house is under construction. When we get settled I will cook all of our diners. We may then eat out once a month.
Good job on you budgeting!

Trina said...

I started using an Excel spreadsheet last year to chart my savings and spending from just my grocery shopping. I didn't attempt to chart my Walgreens and CVS spendings and savings primarily because I wasn't sure how to handle inputting the ECBs and rebates. Any suggestions?

Crazy Daisy said...

I haven't started keeping track to see how close we stay to our budget. I know our gas bill is always high as I have a significant commute for class.