Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3....gym & Target

Since this is my last week of freedom for the next 8 weeks, I'm trying to enjoy it! I hate the impending doom of the commute back to Stillwater 4 days a week....sigh.
Brandon and I joined the local community college gym for the semester- and today was my 1st day to go. I need to drop about 3-5lbs. that I gained over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

Then, I went to Target. Now, I was just going in for groceries for supper- but look @ all I got!
Here's the breakdown:
6 Huggies wipes- 5.94
'K' Ornament- 1.74 (75% off)
5 lb. bag of potatoes- 1.50
applesauce- red tagged 1.21
butter(2 sticks)- 1.19
sour cream- 1.79
onion- 1.04
garlic- .32
before coupons: 16.49
Coupons used:
3- $3/2 huggies products (T) (I made $3 off the Huggies!)
$1/1 5lb. potatoes (T)
.50/1 market pantry butter (T)
.75/1 Daisy coupon (printed out w/ my T receipt awhile back)
.75/1 Daisy manf. coupon
.55/1 tortilla manf. coupon
After coupons: $4.31 (including tax!)
Every 2 weeks, Target posts new coupons on their main web page. You can print them out on your home computer or @ the store on their blue paper.
This Sunday, they'll be new ones- so check them out!


Allison said...

That looks like the same place JM's med school graduation was held at.

And, I'm jealous of those travel wipes. I think my store is officially all out. :(

Erin Craig said...

I wish we had a Super Target here! They seem to have really good coupon deals. I like the idea that you are stocking up with baby products. We plan to start our family in the next year or so and I may use that idea. I see good coupons for baby stuff all the time.

Anonymous said...

Can you only print coupons @ Super Target stores?

Sarah said...

You do not need to have a Super Target to do these coupon deals! The huggies deal, which is in effect until 1/10/2008 works @ normal Targets. Honestly, I was able to get more wipes @ the normal Targets than @ the Super's.

You can use any of the super target coupons @ regular targets- given that they carry that item.

Look @ my stockpile photos (blog entry dated 12/28/07) and you'll see my wipes stock :)

Hope that helps!

Lady Why said...

Great savings!! Don't you just love those Target coupons?!