Friday, January 25, 2008

Homeland this week....

For $17.36 I got:
6 Knorr-Lipton Rice mixes- .25-.40 each
Milk- 2.12 (got love those $1/gallon of milk peelies!)
Orange Juice
Sour Cream- .50
light chip dip- .50
3 boxes of Quaker Capt'n Crunch- .50 each
3 lbs. of sausage- FREE
grapes- 1.99/lb
Pop Secret Popcorn- FREE
2 boxes Jiffy pizza crust mix (not on sale)
Ragu- 1.69 (not on sale, I just needed it)
4 boxes of Green Giant veggies- FREE
lunch meat- 1.99
Before coupons/sales, my total was: $70.79


Crazy Daisy said...

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I will be checking out you other tips on coupons!

Anonymous said...

Great deals!
I'll be emailing you soon about the horns/straws and such.
Have a great weekend girl!

Michele said...

Fantastic savings!!! Great job!

Trina said...

I found your blog thru RIMD and just wanted to say that I share your love of couponing and stockpiling. You have also inspired me to start my own blog!