Friday, February 1, 2008

Photo 32...Homeland

I haven't spent this much $$ at the grocery store in a LONG time. Look:

For $52.82 I got:
milk- $2.12
2 quaker breakfast bars- $0.50 each
2 quaker granola bars-$1 each
1 quaker oatmeal- $0.60
2 boxes cereal- one for $0.14, one for .50
1 kelloggs cereal to go- free
Digornio Frozen Pizza-$1.99
Freschetta frozen pizza- $2.99
" " breadsticks- $0.86
2 taco seasonings- free
3 guacamole- free
2 poppers- $1 each
4 TGIFridays appitzers- $6 total
2 bags Kraft shredded cheese- $2.90 total
veggie tray- $3.99
grapes (not on sale)
crisco (a BIG tub- not on sale, but i need it for my cake class)
Huggies baby wipes (for an upcoming baby shower gift)- $1.49
Texas toast type frozen bread/garlic bread- $1.40 each
Taquitos- $1.23
Ragu- $1.14 (not on sale)
Parm. cheese (not on sale)
Before coupons and sales, my total would have been: $133.60.
I saved a total of 60.5%....not too bad!
I bought ALOT of frozen goods that I don't usually have on hand. Alot of the little snacky type foods and frozen pizzas will be good on those nights where I don't have the time to cook, but it will save us from going out to eat.


Allison said...

Ok, tell me why the heck you are actuallly BUYING huggies wipes? Don't you have some? Like maybe a whole drawer full? LOL... :)

Christy said...

Allison, that's hilarious--I was thinking the same thing! ;)

Vickie said...

I am hitting Homeland in the morning! Did you get the 3.00 off coupon out of the paper insert this week? It was for the Quaker Oats products. I was pumped about that since I have other coupons I was going to use for Quaker Oats items.

The Happy Housewife said...

May I ask where you live? Those prices are so cheap, even with coupons. Great job with coupons!

Sarah said...

we live in Oklahoma. We only have one grocery store that doubles coupons up to $1- so I drive quite a while to get there, but i think its worth it :)

Trina said...

Great job! My goal each time I go to the grocery store is to save more than I spend. Monday nights are my grocery shopping nights and this past Monday I spent $50 and saved $60! I love it!!!
My grocery store only doubles to $.50 so that's pretty good I think.

Lady Why said...

WOW! And, again I say WOW!

Frugal Finds said...

What a great shopping trip. I always get a big high when I do something like this! Thanks for sharing.. especially the picture!!
Frugal Carol