Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Feb. Friday!

I think I'm coming down with that bug that's going around...but I still did my grocery shopping for the week and plan to try and scrapbook tonight.

Here's how I did today:

Spent $54.33 for:
5-Macaroni and Cheese- .29 each
2 Sister Schubert's rolls- $1.50 each
1 Ragu- $1
2 Hot chocolates (not on sale)
Mayo- 2.29
3 Dole fruit cups- free and $1/2
2 boxes cheez-its- $1.49 each
4 glad bags- .89 each

3 lbs of ground beef- $4.20 (all the meat I got was marked down for quick sale)
1 lb. of extra lean beef already chopped up for stew, etc.- 2.57
4 boneless sirloins- $3.74

2 quaker oatmeals- free!
2 pillsbury cookie doughs- $1 each
2 pillsbury brownies- $1 each
pudding cups- $1
Eggs- 1.55 a dozen (organic)
Milk- 2.24
table salt- .49
bread- 1.99
Real Simple Magazine- $2.50

Total before coupons? $106.70


Trina said...

That's great! I love when I save more than I spend!

Kelly said...

I love it when I save over half. To save on magazines I google discount magazines and compare prices at various magazine distributors. I have been able to purchase all my favorite magazines for around $1.00 an issue . Once you order one subscription they will send you special offers online . This has kept my love of magazines within my budget!