Sunday, February 24, 2008

this week.....

I won't be around as much this upcoming week due to finals! But, come Thursday afternoon- I'm done w/ coursework forever!!!!!

I didn't do much couponing this past week- I feel like a bit of a frugal failure. The grocery store I go to across town didn't have much, so Brandon and I just went to Target and got what we needed. I still saved $10 @ Target, but it's not as fun as my $40-$70 savings at the grocery store.

What do you do on your off-couponing weeks? Do you stockpile? Do you meal plan?


Crazy Daisy said...

Off weeks, I try to relax :-) Though this last weekend, we stockpiled big time. We went to Costco, and using our coupons saved almost $40, plus now have a huge supply of things like toothpaste soaps!

Allison said...

Good Luck with finals!