Tuesday, February 26, 2008

grocery prices....& oh yeah, finals.

Tonight on the news I saw an interesting report about grocery prices going up....prices on things like eggs and wheat.
I feel like this grocery price hike hasn't really affect our budget, but I figure even with coupons it will eventually. I wonder if more people will start couponing, stockpiling so that they can afford to eat what they usually do? Do you think it will affect your budget?
Something to keep an eye on while we're shopping frugally @ the store.

I got up early and drove over to Stillwater for the LAST time (at least for classes) this morning. I was a little freaked out on how to get organized for these upcoming 3 finals- but as usual, my friend Melissa helped me get squared away.
I've been in a funk all day- I am just needing to be more trusting that God brought me this far, and I just need to do what needs to be done to wrap up this semester.
I got an email from my professor- the 8:45am Thursday final- she sent us the 1st 8 essay questions to review before the exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! It's a finals week miracle :)

I haven't been a computer where I can upload my photos.....I'll update my project 365 photos once I get back home.


Allison said...

I also heard that about milk and bread going up. Honestly, I don't think more people are going to go out and start couponing because of it. If they were smart, they would have already, you know? :) As far as groceries, I've pratically given up down here.

Erin Craig said...

I heard that the wheat and corn was going to go up because of the new fuel stuff. I wouldn't mind paying a higher price on that if we can get the new gas to work well and save money there. It would come out to where we were still saving money over all.

I know you have been super busy! I hope you do well on all your tests! Maybe this funk is all part of the winter blues. February is all most over!