Monday, September 29, 2008

the pumpkin candle

Last year, Bath & Body works came out with this wonderful smelling pumpkin candle. I wanted one so badly for the house, but Brandon had just sliced open his finger (during the 2 weeks we didn't have health insurance) and started his new job, so money was really tight.

I waited til the day after Halloween and called all the B&BW's in town. I finally found 1 store that had 1 candle left- so I bought it 1/2 price. I burned it until Thanksgiving, and then packed it away for this fall.

Fast forward to today......I was getting my fall stuff out of the attic, and I opened this box and it had the most WONDERFUL smell! I forgot that my beloved sale candle was in there- it had been in the attic since June. (do you see where this is going?) I opened the candle box- there was no candle left.....just wax all over my fall box. :(

I ran down to tell Brandon, and he just said "well, buy a new one!"

It's not really about the candle, it's just the fact that I waited and waited to buy it on sale. :) I'm going to go pay full price for a new one this week........
Now, I still love a good bargain- but I'll buy another the day after Halloween 1/2 off for next year. And, I won't keep it in the attic.


Chi said...

I don't know if you already bought your candle or not, but I went yesterday and they were 25% off AND they gave you a coupon that you could redeem on the SAME DAY for a free lotion if you spent $15.00! I got the candle and some lotion for less than $20 and it smells sooooooooooooooo good!

erincraig said...

I keep a big basket on the floor with all my candles in so they are handy when I want them. Also stick some greenery in to make it prettier. I will post a picture for next weeks WFMW!

I know your loss...hate paying for something when you got it for cheap before.

Trina said...

Oh that completely stinks! I have had that happen before, but with cheapo candles, nothing special.

I think my bloglines is messed up. I just realized there were all these posts I haven't read of yours since last week!