Sunday, September 28, 2008


We're ranked!!

Number 21 on the AP Poll!

Why OU is #1 instead of Alabama is beyond me.
OU has played 3 out of their 4 games at home, and have played no name teams. Alabama is 5-0 and they upset Florida this weekend! Don't even get me started on USC and Ohio State. Ohio State was beating Troy 14-10 at their half time last week. At our halftime against Troy- we were beating them 28-10.
Further proving why the BCS system of pre-season rankings is flawed.

It's just gonna be that much sweeter when we beat the Sooners this year @ Bedlam :)


Trina said...

Roll Tide! Although the 2nd half wasn't that great, we still won, it was a good game. We had tons of people over to watch it, it was quite the party last night.

Anonymous said...

Love the new header!