Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yet another couponing tip.........

Last July, when I started couponing, I realized how many great printable coupons are out there. But, after about a week- I got really tired of all the updates from the manufactures.

Granted, to get most of the coupons, one must subscribe to the product newsletters. Which is a great thing when manufactures decide to send out special coupons :) but not a great thing when you just want to sign into hotmail real quick and instead you have 30 messages waiting for you.

Thus, I set up an email account solely for my couponing adventures. I used yahoo, and I love it! I check it about 3 times a week, when I have the time to devote to coupon printing. I love not having 'junk' mail mixed in with my personal emails too!

Just thought I'd share the separate email suggestion :)

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