Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Candy, candy, candy

While at work today, I opened a bag of the Hershey's bliss candy I got for next to nothing a while back. I noticed it was covered in white stuff, and I proceeded to gag a little while throwing it all away. Then I opened another bag, and it was covered w/ the white stuff too!
I turned the bag over, and saw a 1-800 number, so I decided to call it. I got ahold of a customer service rep right away, and Hershey's is mailing me 2 $4 off any Hershey's product coupons!! Just in time for Halloween!!

And then- I found this great printable today. It's $1/1 bag of Nestle Candy- and it doesn't expire until 11/15!
(the coupon is on the right side of the screen @ the top- remember to just hit the back button after the 1st coupon prints and you can print another one!)

It sure does pay off to call those 1-800 numbers!!


Allison said...

YUCK!! Was it mold?

Trina said...

Usually when chocolate has that white stuff on the surface it just means it got hot then cold again. I had some in my car that did that to me, it was fine to eat meaning it wouldn't hurt you but definitely not as good as before. LOL

I have called 800 numbers before to complain and got coupons as well. It does pay!

Anonymous said...

I have never called those before. Good thinking! Great way to be thrifty!