Thursday, April 30, 2009

long lost photos

Over spring break, I took a little trip to Kansas City. I stayed with my friend Allison (check out her blog here: and visited with Melissa and Sarah (friends from OSU.
I had a great time in KC, but my camera died as soon as I returned.

Anywho- here's Allison's daughter, Jenna with a funny face next to my 1st baby gift! A bouncy/vibrating seat for our baby! Here's Allison, Jenna and I at California Pizza Company:
I really enjoyed Kansas City and I would love to take a trip there with Brandon. The Plaza and Power & Lights District were alot of fun...I would have enjoyed the shopping more if I wasn't pregnant. There's not as much of a selection in maternity clothing....We did stumble upon a great scrapbook store where I spent way too much money :) So, all was not lost!

1 comment:

Allison said...

Oh word! That is a horrible pic of Jenna!!

And I saw a motherhood outlet store here the other day and thought of you.