Sunday, April 19, 2009


Several things changed around here last week......

Brandon plays church league basketball once a week, and he really enjoys it. A few weeks ago, he jammed his fingers, but it seemed to go away in a few days. He came home from basketball on Tuesday night complaining that his hand (same one) hurt again. We just wrote it off, thinking he just jammed the same fingers as before.
Well, after about an hour of work the next day, he realized that it might be more serious. I got him an appt at our doctor right away...turns out, he has a spiral fracture in his actual hand. Our doctor thought it might require surgery, so Brandon was sent to the hand surgeon that same day.

We were relieved to find out that surgery wasn't necessary! But, Brandon will have to wear this cast on his hand for at least 4 weeks. Fun.
In other news, Leia got her summer hair cut this week! See the difference? She really seems to like it. She enjoys being outside, and doesn't seem to be as hot.

Now that we're at the 1/2 way point of this pregnancy, we are really getting serious about getting things together for our little guy. We're trying to pick out paint colors for the nursery and figure out the maternity leave situation. I really feel like he's growing by leaps and bounds recently.

It was an eventful week around here last week- I hope this week is nice and dull!


erincraig said...

Poor Brandon! Glad he doesn't have to have surgery. Thankfully you are not that close to having the baby born either, it would be terrible to have him all casted up when he is born!

Petunia Bloom said...

Leia looks like a little fox!!

Becca said...

Hey girl! Remember me? We worked at Bell together. :) I found your blog through a link on Allisons Blog! Congrats on your little one (we are expecting too) it seems like everyone is getting pregnant these days! :)
Your Doggy looks so cute with the new hair cut, I need to take mine in.

Julienne said...

OMG look at that pregnant belly!! Yes, your little one will be growing like a weed now - all my friends went from "hmmm...I think she looks preggers" to "Wowser, she's pregnant" at month #5. Enjoy!!!

I'm glad Brandon doesn't need surgery. Spiral fractures are awful!