Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Brandon and I just returned from an amazing, seven night cruise!!! My parents and my little sister kept Bryson so that we could have a week away.

We departed from Miami aboard the Celebrity Eclipse- one of the biggest and newest ships we've ever been on!

Our ports of call were Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan. I discovered the website 'cruise critic' a while back, and booked all of our shore excursions based on the recommendations I found on that website.

In Grand Cayman- we booked the 'Stingray, Snorkel and Rum Point' tour through Native Way. We ended up in a group of 6 (including us) and had an AMAZING time. Rum Point was a beautiful beach, we loved interacting with the stingrays and we even got to hold a starfish!

(one of the views from Rum Point)

In Cozumel, we joined up with a group from cruise critic, for the Cozumel Bar Hop. It was a great way to see the entire island, and we had a blast! At sailaway, we met this awesome couple from New York, and we ended up hanging out with them for the majority of the trip.

In Costa Maya, our New York friends joined us for a relaxing day at the beach. We emailed Steve at a beach side restaurant called Tropicante and reserved 2 lounge chairs on the beach. It was wonderful to 'deal' with an American, and he took care of us!! He has a Skype phone, so we were able to call home and check on Bryson while there.

In Roatan, we booked a snorkel tour with Upachaya. Once I get the photos back from Walgreens, I'll post more about this part of our trip.

Brandon and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary this summer, so this trip was a little bit of an anniversary celebration, mixed with a much needed break from the office and some much needed time alone, as just a couple. We missed Bryson- but it was nice to relax and be a couple! We didn't have to worry about baths, nap and bed times, etc. It was nice (but difficult at times!) to be 'unplugged'- I missed my iphone at times though.

Bryson's been great since we've been home- he really seemed to enjoy himself while we were gone, and he is talking more!!! We are very blessed to have family willing to keep him and to be able to take a week off!

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