Thursday, May 15, 2008

fix-up plans

I already have plans for fixing up the new house. 1st- trimming those bushes in the front! Then, taking down that wallpaper in the kitchen, and repainting most of the house to colors that are more our style.

Here's one part of the house I don't know how to fix:
The board holding up the microwave sticks way out- it's such wasted space.
Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Can you put a microwave above the stove? Mine sits on a baker's rack. My baker rack also holds my cookbooks, recipe binder, bread machine and waffle iron. HTH!

Christy said... big is your microwave? That will affect how much space is used.

I have no suggestions....sorry!

Anonymous said...

I would do away with the cabinet it sets in and either get a microwave that can hang, like over the stove but it doesn't have to be used over the stove just under any cabinet it fits under. I also like the bakers rack idea Jennifer uses. I think those are cute and great for storing cook books on too. Congrats on the house! It is really cute!