Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly grocery trip

I made a quick grocery run to Homeland today- those $1 off Kraft printable coupons really came in handy! Here's how I did:

Total OOP: $29.72
Total Saved: $53.10- a 67% savings (28 items total)

I bought several things without coupons that we needed, but here's my best buys:
$0.50 chinet plates
$0.59/package kraft singles (cheese)
$0.50 ritz crackers
Free Kraft Salad dressing
$0.50/box Kellogg's cereal
Free Cool Whip
Free Wishbone Salad spritzer dressing
$0.69 Kraft bagelfuls
$0.50/each Philly cream cheese
$0.99/3 instant pudding mixes
$1.18 New York Garlic Toast

I meant to take a photo, but I needed to get the groceries put up before the melted!

I'm gonna run by Super Target and get another $2.99 seedless watermelon- and we'll be set for the weekend!

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erincraig said...

I don't think I did as well as you but I only have Kroger and WalMart. I used shopped both stores and saved around 50 in coupons. I also had lots of in store savings from Kroger and got some great deals on diapers! I am finally getting back into couponing!