Sunday, October 4, 2009


Bryson started smiling this past week- we love it! He's been haming it up for everyone he comes into contact with, which makes him a very popular baby.
We had an eventful weekend; Friday we attended a bonfire/hot dog roast, Saturday we just hung out around the house and attended a neighbors birthday party and today, we visited a new church.
This afternoon I hope to drag out my fall decorations, make some pumpkin bread and actually clean house.
I start back to work this week, thus Bryson starts pre-school. I'm excited to get us more into a routine...I hope he enjoys his teachers though. They are nice, Christian ladies, I'm sure he'll do just fine!


Elizabeth said...

What a sweet picture! It sounds like things are going well! : )

Anonymous said...

How cute! This is when they start to get so fun! I can't believe you are already going back to work...I couldn't leave Piper, my prayers for you!