Monday, October 12, 2009

Time flies....

Time really seems to be flying by right now!

I started back to work last week, thus, Bryson started his 1st week at church preschool. I took these photos at the 6 wk, 1 day mark- his 1st day at 'school'.

During week 6, Bryson started to sleep even longer- on two occasions he slept til 7:15am!! He's also become quite the little ham. My friend Kristen got married this weekend, and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding, so we had quite the weekend. I was so happy that Bryson was well behaved- he even stayed awake for the wedding and reception!
Kristen is one of our last friends to get married; Brandon and I are definitely starting to feel older. For a long while we were in the 'wedding/wedding shower' stage of life, and now we have transitioned to the 'baby shower' and 'early bedtime' stage of life.
Several of our friends are moving away though, and it feels like graduating from college all over again. It's not as easy to make friends now- we're so busy with Mr. Bryson and just life in general. It makes you really appreciate the friends you have!!

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Anonymous said...

You are looking very baby! I still have half of my weight to go... Bryson is getting so big!!! I know what you mean about time flying by!