Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day in the Life....

I'm a little late, but over at Kelly's Corner ( she is doing 'a day in the life' special. So, I figured I'd share our normal routine.

Since I work PRN, my schedule varies, but overall we usually start our day the same way:

5:30am- (4x a week) Jazzercise class
from 6am to 7:30am- Bryson wakes up, eats 6 oz of formula and a jar of fruit- then we play, read and change clothes
9am- drop Bryson off at pre-school
9:30-3pm (to as late as 6pm on Monday's)- I work as an SLP and Bryson's at pre-school
3-6pm- Come home
Bryson plays, I try to do housework, start dinner, etc
5:30/6pm- family dinner
6-8pm- family time
8pm- Bryson's bath
8:30- Bryson goes to bed
10-10:30- Brandon and I go to bed

I can't explain to you how much I love working PRN. It stinks that I don't get paid to take off, don't get me wrong- but when Bryson's sick or has a dr's appt, its no big deal to get off work. I just cancel w/ that client and go! I love the flexibility I have to be with him when I need to be.

I adore his preschool as well- he is FINALLY getting on a nap schedule- which i desperately needed their help to do!!

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