Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seven Months

Bryson is now seven months old! This monthly photo deal is taking quite a bit longer as he doesn't want to sit still in the rocking chair! :)
I think this is the first full month that he's gone without being sick or on antibiotics. He's now taking Zyrtec every night to help his Eustachian tubes drain properly. Also, this month, he started going to the chiropractor in an attempt to help avoid/treat his frequent ear infections. Thus far, I'm pleased!
Other milestones/Bryson facts:
* He's just started to scoot/demonstrate a slight army crawl.
* He's eating 3 meals a day, plus his 6 oz bottles of formula. All stage 2 baby food and some puree's I've made myself
* He loves watching and attempting to play with Leia
* He's sleeping from about 8:30pm to 7am, but refusing to nap more than an hour at a time. He's taking 2-3 cat naps a day.
* Still drooling. alot.
* Still no teeth.
* He loves to grab. At everything.
* We haven't found a food he doesn't like!!

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