Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first Mothers Day

Today we celebrated my very first Mother's Day! It was even better than I could have imagined it to be.
As usual, Bryson was up around 6:30am.....Brandon took me out for a dinner date last night (its been so long since we've been to dinner, just the two of us), but we both really like this breakfast place in town- the Broken Egg. Bryson appeared to be in a good mood, so we threw on some hoodies and headed out.
We ran into a friend from high school's parents and they were just thrilled to meet Bryson. We had a great breakfast, but our waitress didn't appear to be in any rush to get us our check. Well, when we asked for it, we learned that her parents had paid for our meal!!! What a special Mother's day breakfast!!
We spent the rest of the day at church and visiting with my family, and then just hanging out at home. Brandon got Bryson's swing hung on the porch- and he LOVES it!
Bryson is cutting his 1st two bottom teeth this weekend. Overall, he's been pretty happy about it- but man, it sure hurts when he gums on us now!
He's still having some ear difficulties....we are going to see an infectious disease doctor soon. The cultures came back from the surgery (from his middle ear fluid) and he has an antibiotic resistant infection, which explains why his ears are still continually draining. This infectious disease doctor is supposed to help us get the right drugs to clear up the infection. I can't wait to have all these ear problems behind us!
So, that's whats new in our corner of the world! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Mother's Day!

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