Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Haircut and other events....

Bryson received his first haircut yesterday! I was slightly more sentimental than I thought I would be- but we both did really well. I provide speech therapy for two kiddos in their home, and their older sister is a hair stylist. So, she came over after speech was completed and cut Bryson's hair.
Here's Bryson before and after:

He was growing a mullet, so the most drastic change is on the back of his head. But, he just wouldn't hold still for that photo!

We've been really busy around the house since Brandon started to rebuild our fence about four weekends ago. Bryson has been missing him- often sitting at the door, watching him work.....

The fence is finally completed and it looks amazing! Its nice to have a privacy fence on all sides now- although I will miss my cute white picket fence :)

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