Saturday, February 12, 2011

Five miles!

(Excuse the photo quality, it was taken with my iphone!)
I ran my first race today, the 5 mile poker run here in Tulsa. I completed the race in 56 minutes. The trail was pretty clear, with occasional ice/snow patches that forced us to walk to avoid taking a spill.
Erin (on the L in the photo) and I started training back at the start of January with the' couch to 5k' program/app on my iphone. The crazy Oklahoma weather seriously messed with our training schedule, and I doubted if we could even run the entire 5 miles since we were only training for 3.2!! BUT- we did it!!!!!!!
And now, I'm officially addicted to running. I just signed up for the St. Patricks Day run benefiting Special Olympics. I can't wait!

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