Sunday, May 8, 2011

Autism 5K

Yesterday, our office, family and friends all participated in the 'Ready, Set, Run' 5K and Fun Run for the Autism Center of Tulsa. The photo above is from right before the 5K, but we had over 20 people participate! It was a perfect morning- not too hot, not too windy- just plenty of hills on the 5K trail.

My knee has been giving me some trouble, since the week before the cruise. It's finally gotten better with help from an AWESOME chiropractor in town, Dr. Zollner. He's analyzed my stride (while running) and has really helped get rid of the pain and improve my run. I beat my own personal record yesterday, completing the race is 33 minutes and 37 seconds!!

Bryson was a trooper yesterday as well. Brandon pushed him in his stroller through the 5K!

Overall, it was a wonderful day. I'm very thankful for our health, and to have a career that doesn't feel like 'work'.

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