Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twenty Two Months and Five Years!

Excuse the photo quality, I took this photo with my phone! Bryson is IN LOVE with all things yard related. He loves to watch Brandon, the neighbors, strangers, etc. mow, weed, blow and sack grass. Every day, he asks Brandon to mow our yard! If Brandon agrees, he runs to get his mower (in the photo) and will patiently follow Brandon around the entire front and back yard.

It's hard to believe that his second birthday is right around the corner! His speech production has just exploded, making his SLP momma very happy! :) He's starting to count 'one, two, three', referring to everyone (family, neighbors, pets) by name and asking for 'help'.
Today at lunch, when we forgot to pray, he reminded us by putting his hands together, bowing his head and just waiting for us to catch on!

Brandon and I also celebrated our fifth anniversary this weekend! It's been a crazy five years, but I wouldn't change a thing!!!! We went out for a date night last night, and it was great just to 'see' where we started and where we are now.

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