Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a few things...

The other night, a friend and I were chatting, and we realized how much of a focus there is on frugality now days. With the economy the way it is, I think it's really important for Americans to take a good, hard look at the finances. Why spend over $300 for groceries a month for just 2 people? There's alot to be learned about cutting back & enjoying what you have and the time you spend with others.

There's somethings I won't compromise on though. And, now that we are pregnant, I'm curious to see where we draw the line when it comes to frugality with the baby. I've ready on other blogs that you only need some basic items for a baby, but I'm looking forward to buying a baby swing and some other 'non-neccessity' items. And, I don't think I should feel bad about it. As long as you don't over-spend, and keep putting money into savings, why cut every corner?

So I got to thinking- what are some things that I spend $ on right now? Here's a few things I could care less about being frugal about:

1. Hair care- from shampoo, to haircuts, to eyebrow waxing to highlighting- I don't really skimp in this area. I like for my hair to look nice. I enjoy going to the salon!

2. Hardwood/laminate floor cleaner- I'm addicted to Method's cleaner. I love it. It's expensive, and I don't care :)

3. Electronics & Appliances- you get what you pay for

4. Clothing- to an extent. I think you get what you pay for with clothing as well. I do wait for items to go on sale, but I am still a bit of a snob and shop only at certain stores. I'm not below consignment though, especially if I'm looking for a basic piece. But, I still by name-brand at consignment.

5. Medical Care- if we're sick, we're going to the doctor. I will never skip a yearly appt or physical

6. Scrapbooking- I scrapbook once a month, and I don't feel bad spending $10-$20 on that evening. That's my night out.

So, what things are you not as frugal about?


Allison said...

I think you are exactly right. And it's your first baby, so as long as you aren't blowing it on every little thing, I totally wouldn't feel bad either. Also, if you plan to have more kids, you can justify it by keeping it for the other kiddos as well. Oh, and one thing I think I don't skimp on is Jenna's shoes - I have found Stride Rite for mega clearance lately and have noticed they are so much better than Target (or wherever) shoes. But I think my list would be about the same as yours. Sorry for writing a book!

Christy said...

Honey I agree with you 100%. Except for the swing...I don't think that is an extraneous expense. I think it's a necessity! Our daughter slept in it for months. It was the only way she would sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Fortunately, we got one that would swing front/back and side/side.

I get cheap clothes but I splurge on good shoes. We are firm believers that electronics are not something to skimp on...crap is crap and I don't want it in my house!

Baby-wise, we didn't skimp on diapers. Pampers were the best for us, so we spent the big bucks on them. That being said, I wasn't using extra detergent and wash water to clean up blow-out messes though!

I splurged on a breast pump. (It was technically a gift, but I would have bought the same one too.) It's a double electric pump that made it incredibly efficient. If I had a manual (or even a sub-par electric) pump I don't think I would have pumped as often.

I'm sure that I am missing something, but I can't remember!

Trina said...

I agree with almost all of yours. I don't have hardwood, so I am not onto Method cleaners.

Not only clothes for me, but shoes too. If I buy a pair of cheap shoes, I find myself replacing the taps way too quick.

Chi said...

I agree with not skimping on getting hair done. A good haircut can make any bad day turn great!

lifesajourney29 said...

I don't scrimp on hair care or my deoderant, etc. but I will on a few things. I am ADDICTED to J. Crew so I try to buy things only on clearance and/or when they have FREE shipping. Bad addiction but this can affect your whole attitude especially since it is work clothing. Oh, and for a baby the one thing I refuse to buy used is a car seat/stroller system. Once one is in a car accident (even a fender bender) it is recommended to be replaced.

When it comes to my son let me say that before he was born I had clothes until he was 3 (which has saved me hundreds of dollars). I have been meaning to do a blog about the way CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Back to the point, I bought 4 buckets after I found out the sex of the baby and then went garage sale shopping every weekend for the next summer or two (great exercise). I bought only nice, expensive, name brand clothing in good shape for dirt cheap and placed it into these clear buckets labeled for 12 mo, 24 mo/2T, 3T, etc. As I bought stuff (all seasons) I just threw it into the bucket (don't buy slim pants b/c most kids don't need them) and as my lil one got closer to that age we would take inventory and fill in with what we didn't have. So now he dresses nice and we didn't spend a fortune. This was in my opinion the smartest thing I could have done for him.
Then when he is done with the clothing I usually make back all (or most) of what I spent taking it to a consignment shop... :) He is almost 3 now and I have a size 4 nearly finished and will be working on the next sizes this summer.
I know this was a long comment but I hope this helps!