Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just added a ticker- I think it'll be a fun way to keep track! This week, Baby K is the size of a plum, as shown below :)
I've been trying to take photos of myself every couple weeks to chart my 'growth.' I had Brandon take my picture over the weekend- he's me a day or two shy of 12 weeks (we were on our way to our date at the Melting Pot- yum):
And here's my picture the day after we got the positive home test (December 23rd):
It's a bit of a change, don't you think?

Just this week, I've started to not feel as sick to my stomach and I'm feeling some energy return. I actually stirred out tonight and got a new pair of pants at JC Penney's. It was a nice change of pace.
In other news, my sister passed her exam and is officially an RN! We are really proud of her. My kids are doing an amazing job at school- I'm working my tail off trying to get kiddos dismissed before the end of the school year.
Lastly, on the 'frugal' front, my friend Jeannette loaned me a rubbermaid tub FULL of summer maternity clothing, and a co-worker, Amy loaned me 2 HUGE bags full of maternity clothes. Between the 2 gals, I have over 25 shirts, 3-4 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of capris, 1 dress and 1 pair of shorts! It's such a blessing to be able to borrow clothing and save our money for the baby and my maternity leave.


Knoxville said...

can you tell me how to make your blog list chronological? to where the most current blog to update comes to the top with the time underneath?

happy almost 2nd trimester!! yay!! don't forget to drink lots of water!!

Allison said...

LOL at Brandon. Cute dress! And 12 weeks?!?! See how fast it's going? :)

Matt and Ali said...

Hi Sarah-

First, congrats on the baby!!! I bet you guys are super excited. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I have so enjoyed all the tips of money saving and coupons...good stuff! :) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I'm so glad you are doing so well!

Ali Bolz (Peacock)

Trina said...

Just a little baby bump :) Definitely take pics. Kelly (from Kelly's Korner) did that on her blog every week and it was fun to watch her grow. I assume you read her blog too, since everyone I know reads her. lol

Elizabeth said...

You look so cute! Love the dress. I still want to get together sometime!

Anonymous said...

Love the belly! It will get big fast!!! Soon you will be like me and forget what your toes look like! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!