Thursday, June 4, 2009

Already thinking about stains....

It's well known by our family and friends that Brandon and I spill drinks, food, etc. pretty easily. With our clothing, I just apply Shout right away, and the stains almost always come out.

With our little guy on the way, I know his stains will be different- and I want to make sure and get 'em out of his cute little outfits!

I found this article the other day, titled 'How to remove breast milk/formula stains from clothing':

Do you know of any other way to get baby stains out? Or do you have any other recommendations? :) Just trying to think ahead!


brent, leighann & cole said...

Well, one great thing about nursing is breast milk does not stain! Hooray! Formula, on the other hand, does stain. I like the Dreft stain remover spray and I think my friend uses Zout (sp?).

Also, when Cole was an infant and spit up more I would always up a cloth diaper (that's what I used for burp cloths) underneath his head. It saved a lot of cleaning time. I put on in this crib, swing, etc. Wherever he laid his head, there was a burp cloth underneath. haha. I was crazy about stains too. Still am. ;)

Jerri and Dustin said...

Hello! First of all Congratulations on the soon arrival of your little one!!
(I've been reading your blog for a while, but rarely comment.)

As for a stain remover...I normally use Shout, but for super tough stains, I use Homemade Soap! Believe it or not, it works great for getting out pretty much any stain, and especially those with a greasey/oil base to them!

Good luck!!

Allison said...

Well I really didn't get to be a great stain remover til a couple of months ago so I'm not so sure about the formula stains...

BUT, plain ole blue dawn dish soap works wonders. Just put it on the spot (you don't even have to rub it in really) and wash. And I just read on that link that someone recommened that mixed with hydrogen peroxide.

I've also heard you can sun out the stains, but I've never tried that either. I knew a lot of people used that method for cloth diapers too.

Oh, and ZOUT (spray and wash stuff) is also really great. I think it's better than shout or spray and wash and you can find it at Target too.

Anonymous said...

I recently asked my readers for the same help! I also did lots of googling and tried a few things. I was getting stressed because I could not get the breast milk or poop out. I found a post somewhere that mentioned using hot water to wash the clothes in because it would help dissolve the fat in the milk easier. I always put a dab of Dawn dish soap on grease spots so I thought that may help for the breast milk. It worked great. The poop on the other hand was what I had the hardest time getting out. I tried Shout, Tide, name it! I really do not like using bleach so I decided to try the OxiClean. It worked great. All I do now is fill the washer with hot water, Tide and OxiClean. I let everything soak for a few minutes and then wash. I don't pre-treat anything and I am having no problems now!