Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great finds!

Yet another great morning for garage sale-ing! :) I stopped by a neighborhood garage sale Friday morning, and it looked promising. So, Saturday morning I went back to that same neighborhood, and I spent over an hour and a half there! I found some great stuff for our little guy and for us.
This bookshelf was $4. I really like it because it folds flat and is easy to move. I've already set it up in our guest room for toy storage.All of these toys:

Parents' drum/musical set- $1
Piggy bank/coins- $1
Soft books and toy- $1.50 total
2 'Discovery Toys' games (for my speech kiddos)- $3.50

Also, I didn't take a photos, but I picked up 2 bags full of clothing- total spent $20. Again, everything was name brand, no stains, etc. I found 2 sweatshirt jackets that had never been warn. One lady had everything marked $3/outfit. I thought that was a little high- as did everyone else as nothing was selling. So, I asked her if she would make 'a deal'- and she did. I picked out about 18 items of clothing and she asked me what I wanted to give- I said $7- she said $8! SOLD! I was expecting to spend around $12-$15 on the pile!

There weren't as many garage sales this weekend, so I'm pretty sure the season is winding down....but if all neighborhood garage sales were this good- I wouldn't need to go to multiple ones! :)


Dana said...

my now almost 3 year old son have played with one of those piggy banks from the time he was 6 months until now. He still loves that thing. When his little brother was born in September we bought another one so that they'd both have one. Score on that for $1!!!

Angie said...

I love garage sales - my favorite time of the year. I posted about some of my finds also.