Sunday, January 10, 2010

Diaper review

I'll eventually get around to posting the rest of my Christmas photos- but I thought I'd go ahead and share my reviews of two different brands of diapers that I have recently tried.

So far, we have been pleased with Huggies- I have been able to stock up at great prices and haven't had too many leaks. However, Babies R Us has run several sweet diaper deals, so I couldn't refuse a $3 or less pack of diapers!
1. Fisher Price Happy Days & Nights Diapers
These usually retail for $9.99 and appear to be sold only at Babies R Us- at least around here. These appear to be thinner than the Huggies, but thus far they have held up nicely. They have a 'size right indicator' around the waste to let you know when your child is ready to move up to the next size. They didn't have as much printing/designs on the diaper on the Huggies- both of which aren't things I really look at when purchasing diapers. I don't think I'd pay over $3 a package for these, but I am pleased with the way they have held up thus far.

2. Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers

These usually retail for $11.99 and up. I was able to snag these for $1.50 and $3 a pack on New Years Day with coupons combined with a sale at BRU. These diapers claim to be environmentally friendly. Honestly, I know I should be more concerned about such issues, but right now I just want diapers that are cheap and fit Bryson well.

These diapers are a little thicker than the Fisher Price diapers. They are plain white and are the diapers we currently put Bryson in for overnight. He has yet to leak out of these!! And he rarely doesn't leak out of diapers overnight. These have extra tabs on the front of the diaper that wrap around like the fasteners- and I think that makes for less leaks.

Overall, I still like our Huggies and I don't think I will switch from that brand unless they drop their $3/1 coupons and Walgreens stops running Huggies sales. BUT, if either one of these brands go on sale again, I will stock up (especially if the Earth's Best price is comparable to Huggies) and I'd recommend them to my friends- hence, this blog post :)

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