Friday, January 29, 2010


I wish there was an 'RSV for Dummies' book out there!

Bryson was diagnosed with RSV earlier this week. At first, I wasn't super concerned- he seemed to be handling it well. He was still playing, 'talking' and sleeping like normal. I started to wonder why children had to be hospitalized and such a big deal was made about the virus.
Now that RSV has hit him full force- I know! It's heartbreaking and just terrible that I can't do much to help him!
So, I figured I'd share, from my experience some RSV tidbits/tips:

1. Do your best to keep fluids up. We stopped offering rice cereal/baby foods. Hydration is key.
2. Sleep- Bryson has slept best upright, chest to chest on one of us.
3. Invest in an battery powered nasal aspirator- this has been a life saver.
4. Breathing treatments are difficult with the mask- switch to the wand. Bryson will gum on the wand, thus getting more abuderol into him.
5. Rotate Tylenol and Motrin.
6. My doctor recommended keep him cool- he hasn't really had a fever (as most children do) but she recommended letting him sleep in light clothing- no footed pj's, etc.
7. Boogie Wipes are amazing. They are wipes w/ saline solution- I believe you can get 'em at Target or BRU.

I'm just praying that Bryson will be feeling better by Monday......I'm ready to have my sweet, playful baby boy back!


Elizabeth said...

That's so sad. Hope he feels better soon!

Rose said...

After fighting with the bulb aspirator& my then 4 month old daughter, I went on a hunt to find something better. I stumbled onto this product and it works wonders. My fear with the bulb was that it went too far up into the nasal cavity, the CLEANOZ comes with disposable nose tips that fit perfectly my baby's nostril. I can quickly suction her nose. Since my daughter is in daycare, she is either always congested or has a runny/stuffy nose; this aspirator gets the job done quickly and harmlessly

erincraig said...

Praying that he is doing better soon!

Milehimama said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I never even thought about going the private route for speech. That might be a wonderful solution!

Anyway, I really appreciate you weighing in.

(I don't suppose you have any links for exercises to do with him at home?)

Also - boogie wipes are also available at Toys R Us / Babies R Us!