Sunday, January 24, 2010

Five Months

Bryson is five months old today! We didn't make it to church since I'm sick- so I didn't take the monthly photos til this afternoon. He's a little more cooperative in the mornings :)

* He now eats rice or oatmeal cereal 2x a day
* He has tried sweet potatoes, peas, green beans and carrots. Peas and sweet potatoes seem to be his favorite.
* He had his 2nd ear infection this past month- not a good milestone. But, at least he recovers quickly.
* He can now sit up, unsupported for over 10 minutes!
* He likes to sleep on his side and on his tummy
* Bryson sleeps from about 8:30pm to 6:30am every night
* He can roll back to tummy, tummy to back with ease
* He laughs alot now- and its adoreable!
* We moved up to size 3 diapers, they are a little large on him, but i got tired of the size 2 leaks.
* Still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but not for much longer! We'll probably start to transition his clothing to the next size this week or next........


Knoxville said...

It's crazy he's in size 3! My bug is still in size 3 and they overlap in the middle across her tummy still!!

Knoxville said...

PS Glad he's better and it was nothing serious and next time we chat remind me to tell you about an asthma remedy.....

brent, leighann and cole said...

Have you seen the Pampers 2-3 size Target sells? It was a great in between size for Cole.