Wednesday, June 25, 2008

God is Good!

Well, alot has been going on around here these past couple days. Aside from packing, celebrating our anniversary, we've had a bit of a stressful situation........To make a long story short, there is/was trouble with the title on our new house. The house we are to close on this coming Monday. The exact same day our lease is up.

After 2 days of confusion, our AMAZING relator, title company, etc. figured out that the problem with the title was a small typo from the divorce settlement of the original owners. Both divorce lawyers have to sign the paperwork, then a judge has to approve it. THEN, we are good to close on our new home!

Yesterday, I sent out a prayer email to our Sunday School class, and Brandon and I have been praying that God will resolve the situation, and give us a place to lay our heads Monday night. We love this house and didn't want to loose it. I have such little faith. Why would God have brought us this far? Why can't I remember that His plan is so much bigger than mine?!?

Today everything just fell into place- we still have to find a judge to sign the paperwork, but we really have til Friday for that to get done. (I still would like it to happen tomorrow!) God has just blessed us in so many us a peace about the situation; working through our relators, title people, closer to resolve the issue; even the current owners have agreed to early occupancy if we need it.

I feel like the post is rambling a bit, but I just had to share.


Christy said...

I can completely sympathize!

I'm so glad that you have found a solution, and that things are progressing.

Trina said...

Wow! House buying/selling usually comes with unseen issues. I am so glad you and Brandon are seeking God and that he is working it out for you!

erincraig said...

It is so hard to remember that God's plans are better than ours! I can be such a control freak about things and let my trust in God go to the wayside. And I know how easy it is to get impatient over the home situation. My prayers will be with you as you are trying to close on the house!