Sunday, June 22, 2008

this past week in pictures....

This Project 365 thing has been harder to keep up with than I imagined. I really wanted to give up this week.......anywho- here's some photos from this past week. Baby Eli (Karen and Will's new little guy). The garage sale was at Karen's house, so I've spent alot of time with her and the kiddos this week. Eli's just too cute! He's really become more animated this past week.
We've been trying to find artwork for above our fireplace in the new house. Possible candidate?
"The cuddler"- a chair we found that we like for the new house @ Big Lots!
A dinning room table I like, Brandon wasn't so sure about.

Can you tell we've been doing alot of house shopping?


Ariel L said...

I love the items you found. The picture is beautiful and the chair looks super comfy. I wouldn't mind that table if I had the space. Looks great!

Michael-Ann said...

Where did you find the table? I saw one in the background that I liked. I won't be able to afford any new furniture for a while, though.
Liked everything that you found.

Knoxville said...

We just stuck with a compact camera. I really didn't want to carry something bigger, and we didn't want to get a camera we wouldn't use. We got a small Nikon. It does what we need for now. I think if we get a bigger camera we'll just get an slr or whatever the ones with lenses and stuff are.