Thursday, September 9, 2010

12 Months- better late than never

I realized that I never posted Bryson's 12 month photos! It was very difficult to get him to sit still in his rocking chair- thank goodness my friend Lauri took some professional photos for us!

*Bryson's now walking!
*Completely off the bottle, taking whole milk and water through a sippy cup.
*He moved up to the next room at school! Now, he only has one nap a day.
*He eats whatever we eat- and we rarely find a food he doesn't like.
*Bryson weights 27 lbs, and is 30 1/4 inches tall. (90th %iles)
*He's a HUGE thumb sucker- speech therapy, here we come! :)
*He really enjoys playing with other kiddos- we caught Bryson and our neighbor, Lauren, playing peek-a-boo the other night with each other.

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2dayisgood said...

he's so cute!!! that 2nd picture looks like he is coming out of a hole in the floor--what's he doing? it's a great picture.