Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Garage Sale Weekend!

I had some amazing finds this weekend out garage sale-ing. I found this tool bench, with all the parts and batteries included for $20 at this AMAZING garage sale on Friday morning. I ended up spending $44 there- half on this workbench and the rest on 13 items of clothing (all for $1 each), 2 wooden games and a bag of musical toys. My parents neighborhood had their annual garage sale, so my neighbor Amanda and I went late Friday night to just scope it out and see who was setting up. I got these bristle blocks for $4......
and this Schwinn tricycle for $18!! I googled it when I got home, and it retails for $120! Bryson already loves it- he just figured out how to ring the bell this evening :) I can't wait for him to be able to ride it around.

I'm going to keep the trike and the workbench in the attic and pull them back out around Christmas....... This next weekend is our neighborhood's annual garage sale, so we'll see what other goodies I find!!

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