Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I never really get into the spring cleaning craze. I'm so ready to get outside and work in the flowerbeds, that I'd rather put it off until the fall!

I've been struggling with how to organize and keep track of Bryson's toys. They started taking over the downstairs. We toyed with the idea of using the game/media room for its true purpose, but we didn't have a couch for Brandon and I to hang out on.

Our neighborhood garage sale was this past weekend, and our neighbor decided to sell us her NICE, white couch for $75!! So, that kicked my playroom idea into high gear. We spent all afternoon Sunday installing these shelves in the game room closet- total cost: $112 from Lowes.

Floor/1st shelf: Bryson's toys and puzzles

2nd shelf: sensory tubs (rice, beans and noodles), Lincoln logs and speech therapy toys/manipulative's

3rd shelf: my scrapbooking stuff

top wooden shelf: speech therapy games, printing papers, folders and assorted scrapbooking stuff.

I love the way this all came together. Bryson only have a few toys left downstairs now, and we spend more time up here at as family now that we have a couch to hang out on......And, what would a post be without a Bryson photo? He seems to be enjoying the game room now too!

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