Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We had some crazy storms through here last night.
At about 3am, Brandon and I both woke up to the wonderful sound of hail. Our porch is covered- w/ a tin type roof........so the hail sounded alot louder and larger than it was. But of course, I was awake so I went downstairs to take a better look. So, here's my photo of the day- a blurry, 3am photo of hail :)


Crazy Daisy said...

ISH! Hail! My husband would have woke me up and we would have been out it it too (he is a meteorologist)!

Trina said...

How funny! Makes me thankful I have a garage to park my car in!

BTW, thanks for the compliment :) It's hard for me to believe I'll be 31 soon.